Will Apple enter the foldable device market? Things are not as you might imagine

Will Apple enter the foldable device market?  Things are not as you might imagine

According to some rumours, Apple may enter the foldable smartphone market: millions of enthusiasts can’t wait.

In recent years, the number of brands developing smartphones with foldable screens has increased significantly. In fact, today there is a choice between Samsung, Motorola, Oppo and Honor. Obviously the biggest absentee is Apple, but based on rumours, the Cupertino giant Thinking about diving into this sector. Moreover, the current international market offers two versions of foldable smartphones: the first is compact and small, while the second is hybrid and resembles a small tablet.

Apple’s foldable smartphones enter the market (photo Ansa) – thewisemagazine.it

Regarding the ranking of the best foldable mobile phones, two Samsung models came in first place: Galaxy Z Flip5 and Fold5. Some experts recently announced that Apple may produce its first smartphone with a foldable screen.

The first foldable device from Apple

Right now, millions of tech enthusiasts around the world can’t wait to see Apple’s first foldable smartphone. It is clear that there is no certainty that the Cupertino company is actually working on this project, But the idea is certainly attractive. In fact, the Cupertino giant is said to be studying devices made by competitors, such as those produced by Samsung and Motorola. Therefore, the ultimate goal will not be to produce a foldable smartphone, but rather to create a new tablet that resembles competing devices. In any case, the foldable iPad could arrive at the end of 2024.

Apple foldable devices market
The first foldable device from Apple (photo Ansa) – thewisemagazine.it

Obviously, the latter will serve as a commercial test: if the innovative iPad succeeds, the Californian company will start seriously thinking about the first foldable iPhone. Furthermore, reports claim that Apple has already contacted Samsung Display and LG Display For the first foldable screens. However, the desire to pursue this new dream, which is to create an innovative tablet, may have arisen after the recent negative sales results.

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In fact, the iPad market collapsed by 16.8% last year, so company leaders may have considered giving the tablet sector a shake in order to revive it. It’s no coincidence that rumors suggest that Apple is starting to work on something Which he had never done before. As for foldable iPhones, analysts say they may arrive between 2025 and 2026. Meanwhile, other brands have already introduced their own models equipped with foldable screens, such as Samsung and Motorola.

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