Milan, beyond Maldini and Massara’s farewell: Pioli’s problem and the transfer market

Milan, beyond Maldini and Massara’s farewell: Pioli’s problem and the transfer market

Half an hour of discussion with Jerry Cardinale in a hotel in the center was enough: Paolo Maldini and Frederic “Ricky” Massara leave Milan. And so the technical directors and the athletes parted ways with the team they led to victory in a championship and among the four best teams in Europe. And the two renewed last year until 2024. Even then they were about to say goodbye. Their fate was suspended during negotiations with Red Bird. But even in 2019, when the owner was another, some creaks appeared. Then he forgot to win the championship. This time, the reason for the farewell lies in the “differences” over the team’s management and the future of coach Stefano Pioli.


But there are also differences in the plans for the new cycle and next season in particular. It is clear that RedBird was not satisfied with the performance of the season, as the fifth place turned into fourth place only because of the penalty kick that Juventus was exposed to, and with the summer investments, with the symbols of the selections of Charles de Kettler and Divock Origi that did not give results. field. The team got angry as soon as they found out. Leao just signed a contract renewal with the current management and could have made a different choice. Maybe Theo Hernandez is leaving. So does Mignan, who also arrives with Maldini and Massara’s art project. At the crucial meeting, Cardinale was accompanied by Giorgio Furiani, CEO and former director of Elliott. Jeffrey Moncada and Hendrik Amstadt can now manage the transfer market.

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Cardinale summoned Maldini to the hotel on Corso Venezia. The confrontation lasted for 35 minutes. The main reason for the dispute was the €50 million transfer market budget. This corresponds to the income of the Champions League finalists. Massara and his partner wanted more money. To compete with the big ones in Europe. The Americans pointed out the volatility of spending in the recent transfer market: De Ketelaere and Origi. There have also been controversies about Pioli. Who will be questioned even if the contract expires in 2025. But there are rumors of an interest in Antonio Conte. For Cardinale, the priority now is account management.

Change the pace

there Gazzetta dello Sport He writes that farewell to Maldini and Massara would be an occasion for a change of pace on the part of the Cardinal. Who will now take over the Rossoneri’s affairs more personally? The stadium deal will be a testing ground for the ownership. But Cardinale’s intention is to oversee the company’s affairs on a day-to-day basis. Forlani will run the market. Moncada coordinates a network of ten scouts and will continue to report on players. But above all, Cardinale believes in the “Mister Moneyball” model market. That is, the players selected on the basis of the data.

Cardinal’s dissertation

“We’ve been investing in the sport for over 20 years,” Cardinale said in an interview. “Our business model for most of this period has been the sports business. It was about partnering with rights holders and building a peripheral value business around them. I have 20 years of business behind me to prove our model works. Everyone wants to win. No one is more competitive than me. I want to win the scudetto and I want Winning the Champions League every year.”

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Maldini manager

Maldini returned to Milan in the summer of 2018, nine years after his retirement, where he assumed the position of director of strategic development in the sports field. In 2019, after Leonardo’s resignation, Maldini became head of the technical field. Together with Massara, Maldini built the team that won the Scudetto in the 2021-2022 season, returning the Italian flag to the San Siro after 11 years, thus winning his first trophy as a coach.

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