The coach’s words after the Juventus-Napoli match, broadcast live

The coach’s words after the Juventus-Napoli match, broadcast live

12 o’clock

Exhilarating joy that can’t be contained in the locker room: photos

rejoice He indulged in several complimentary statements towards his players as soon as he returned to the locker room: What he said to the players (Read everything).

11.32 pm

Allegri: “Napoli? The difference is in years.”

rejoice On the Naples: “I can say that Napoli is a strong team, the difference is in years. Napoli played a great match tonight as well, but the seasons are different from each other. Then the results affect the judgements.”.

11.31 pm

Allegri: Chambeso’s cross to Gatti is wonderful

rejoice Cambiasso: “Andrea has improved a lot in the last month and a half, he is more composed and has great technical qualities. Gatti’s crosses are fantastic, and he has plenty of time to grow.”.

11.29 pm

Allegri: “Gatti played in La Liga Pro three years ago, and he has made great strides.”

Allegri returned to talking about Gatti: “Three years ago he played in the Spanish League, and he has made giant strides. He is very dangerous in the opponent’s area but he knows very well that he must improve defensively inside and outside the area.”.

11.28 pm

Juventus-Napoli and Allegri: “It was a good match”

rejoice in Press room: “The first half was a good game from both sides. We often play fast, but we have to slow something down offensively. Szczesny was excellent in Napoli’s chances, and it was a good game. Then when he had to defend the team he performed well as always.”.

11.21 pm

Juventus-Napoli 1-0, McKennie: “I love the word Scudetto”

radiant Makeniaccording to rejoice After the match: “I always put the team first, no matter what role I play in. I do what the team needs. In the Italian League I learned more tactics, in Germany and England there is only strength. Before that I was wandering on the field like a chicken with my head cut off.” Team spirit is very important. When you create a connection with your teammates, even off the field, a beautiful synergy is created and you sacrifice more for others. Scudetto? “I like that word. I’d be happier if we won.” It has to be at the end of the season. Juve always aims for the maximum and we want to do the right things for the whole environment. Qualifying for the Champions League is the most important thing, but winning the tournament would be Icing on the cake.” “..

11.09 pm

Danilo: “Gati is an example of flexibility. Winning the Scudetto? A dream, but the Champions League first.”

He also spoke to DAZN after the match Danilo: “It’s only three points but it gives us a morale boost on our way. There’s still a long way to go but it’s an important victory. Gatti is an example for all of us: he works a lot, he’s resilient. He’s been through some difficult moments.” “But today showed once again Juve’s time ‘to the end’. I feel good, I’m very happy. I missed that feeling in our house. Today we celebrate but starting tomorrow we will think about next week. What happened in ‘The previous years have shaped us a lot.’ We work a lot during the week, the coach never lets us relax. Scudetto? A dream, but our goal remains to qualify for the Champions League. Let’s take it step by step and then we’ll see..

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11.04 pm

Allegri: “Scudetto? Focus on individual matches to stay relevant to the favourites…”

rejoice To DAZN: “In football, you experience exciting and frustrating moments. Balance is important to win. We can say that we want to win the championship, but the reality is individual matches, starting from the next match with the team.” GenoaIn order to enter Champions League And stick with the favorite team to win the championship. “Children have desire, a spirit of self-sacrifice, and they want to improve and overcome our own limitations.”.

11.03 pm

Allegri on Vlahovic, Chiesa and Gatti

Allegri also spoke about the performance Vlahovic, church And the cats: “Vlahovic played a really good game tonight, dominating his opponent and coming off with cramps. Chiesa played an excellent first half. They understood that they had to make themselves available for the team because Melik And Ken They are more than just alternatives. the cats? I’m happy with the goal but he still needs to improve something in the defensive phase and we already talked about that this week“.

11.02 pm

Allegri, Juventus, and wasting energy: “Cambiasso can play midfield”

rejoice I continued: “I have an amazing collection. Rabiot And Makeni They did an exceptional job, and I think we could have controlled the ball with more clarity. Every now and then we have to slow down. Are you concerned about the lack of substitutions to maintain the high intensity in the midfield? Cambiasso can also play as a midfielder if necessary.”

11 pm

Juventus-Napoli 1-0 Allegri: “The team has become a block of granite”

Allegri arrived at the DAZN station: “The team was destined to become a block of granite. Winning the Scudetto or not, what matters for me tonight is reaching +12 in Naples, which is an important achievement. We don’t have to think about what will be. We have to keep working step by step, because we still make a lot of technical mistakes.

10.57 pm

Juventus and Napoli, Mazzarri’s statements after the match

He will also speak soon Walter Mazzarri:All data is live on (Read everything)

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10.50 pm

Juventus – Napoli: Kvaratskhelia forgives, Gatti does not forgive

there Juventus He won with a goal in the second half from Gatti after he was pardoned Kvaratskhelia in the first half (Read everything).

10.40 pm

Juventus-Napoli 1-0, Gatti still decisive

Juventus returns to the top temporarily League At +1 onInter: 1-0 o’clock Naples, the cats Decisive for the second match in a row after the goal he scored Monza. The defender scored in the 51st minute.

Allianz Stadium – Torino

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