Migrants, Meloni exposes the EU’s hoax: forgotten priorities

Migrants, Meloni exposes the EU’s hoax: forgotten priorities

The task of Prime Minister Georgia Meloni in Brussels was a long mediation process on the redistribution of migrants between the countries of the European Union and the issue of aid to the countries of departure. It is a pity that Viktor Orban and Mateusz Morawiecki, the presidents of Hungary and Poland, who blew up the agreement, came along. The two presidents do not want the law providing for compulsory resettlement or economic compensation for opposing countries. An agreement that Italy had already voted on during a summit of interior ministers twenty days ago. An unexpected blow from the two countries, with whom Meloni has always had good relations. It was precisely because of the excellent relations that the Italian Prime Minister tried to mediate to the extreme, but the attempt was unsuccessful. I have tried to come to an agreement but there is no agreement. Meloni said that the only option indicated was to adopt the results of the Presidency of the “European Council” and not the results of the European Council, which binds all 27 countries. But then she added: “I have never been disappointed with those who defend their national interests. Choosing Poland and Hungary is not about what is my priority in terms of migration, that is, the external dimension, but rather about the internal dimension, that is, the Migration and Asylum Pact. Their position is different from ours because we all defend our national interests but also have different needs geographically.” Meloni then delivered a jab at the European Union as a whole: “The European Union was born to link raw materials strategy and energy supply. Today we are most exposed to raw materials And energy supplies, but we know how to cook insects. I would say we need to get back to the priorities that belong to a major global political actor.”

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If Meloni attempts to mediate, Salvini chooses a less favorable path: “I am waiting for Europe to move from words to deeds because thousands are disembarking. I know that Meloni and Tajani demand the maximum. I don’t know if Paris, Brussels, Warsaw, Budapest or Berlin are to blame, but they keep going downhill in Italy and Italian mayors are in trouble. I am less interested in talking about zero: since we pay for condominiums in Europe condominiums, but only have problems in Italy, I ask them to do something. In the past few hours, 2 or 3,000 people have landed. A summer like this cannot be imagined: in the meantime, every European country agrees to take part in the thousands of migrants arriving in Italy. Anyone who wants to do it can do it today, even if the Poles don’t agree.”

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Orban and Morawiecki are calling for a change to the already approved regulation by stipulating the principle of unanimity that defines the agreement of all EU member states, and which constitutes one of the voting rules in place in the Council. a request not accepted by the Council; Thus, voting will remain with a qualified majority. The only positive note: the opening of the so-called Piano Mate, that is, economic assistance to countries of departure to prevent immigrants. “The external dimension, which we have worked on since Tunisia, includes all countries. There is unanimous consensus on this,” declared the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, at a press point at the end of the EU summit. “I think we have to keep working on this because everyone understands that it’s the only way to find a solution that works for everyone,” he added. For this reason, a meeting with Morawiecki is scheduled for Wednesday in Warsaw.

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