A new malware that terrorizes everyone, attacks banking applications: watch your balance

A new malware that terrorizes everyone, attacks banking applications: watch your balance

In these hours, a new malware is terrorizing all users. This virus is capable of attacking banking applications – the last danger.

A new virus attacks all users who own a smartphone in these hours. The malware appears to be quite powerful and is capable of infiltrating home banking applications. Obviously, the risks to users are many, so let’s see what could happen if we don’t take immediate action.

The latest serious attack against users – ilovetrading.it

Unfortunately for all smartphone owners, we are again talking about malware, that is, those viruses that can attack your devices. In fact, this program is capable of accessing the computer system without permission and thus manages to steal information, and harm the concerned user.

Unfortunately in the digital age these threats are everywhere and in different forms such as worms, spyware, ransomware and adware. We must therefore pay special attention to those false communications that can reach us via e-mail.

Today we are going to talk to you about the latest Trojan in circulation, i.e. malware that looks like legitimate or harmless software, but actually contains malicious code. I reveal it ESET reports GravityRAT malware stealing WhatsApp backups, discovered via ThreatFabric team. This Trojan horse is known as Anatsa Which would have affected many countries during 2023. This time the affected devices are mainly Android devices and only in 2021 it happened at these levels. So let’s find out how it works and all the risks.

Beware of the new malware, it’s called Anatsa: how it works

ThreatFabric has taken care to reveal this new malware campaign, according to which this virus will spread through the Play Store. In Google’s digital store, this would have been on more than 30,000 devices.

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The latest Android risk – Ilovetrading.it

Moreover, a false advertising campaign thought of promoting this virus. This aims to promote infected applications within the browser during certain searches. The new Anatsa malware can hide behind applications for viewing and editing PDF files or even in office tools.

After several reports from ThreatFabricm, Google continues to remove all infected applications. This is done by cleaning up the code of strings that have been identified as malicious by Big G. The applications in question request the page payload github Able to disguise it as an add on. Once downloaded, the malware is able to collect several sensitive data including: Bank account credentials, credit card details, payment information, and more.

The virus is currently attacking several countries. Many reports have reached the USA, UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. More and more users are reporting that it is also prevalent in Italy And in several European countries. As always, the advice is to pay close attention to apps downloaded from the Google Play Store, but above all to apps downloaded from third parties.

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