War in Ukraine, live broadcast – Moscow announces Azovstal’s surrender: “It’s under control.” Zelensky: “The war will end with diplomacy”

War in Ukraine, live broadcast – Moscow announces Azovstal’s surrender: “It’s under control.”  Zelensky: “The war will end with diplomacy”

A coal mine was bombed in Lysichansk, one dead and one wounded

a coal mine The fire caught due to the Russian bombing of the southeastern region of Ukraine, a Lyschanskresulting in injuries and injuries. This was stated in a report of the Lugansk Regional Military Administration, citing UNIAN.

Media: explosions in Kyiv and weather warnings almost throughout the country

In Kyiv they come “Report explosionsThe TV channel transmits it Ukraine 24 On Telegram, explaining that the air alert went off in the city and in the region. At 11.12 local time (10.12 in Italy) there are “alarms almost all over Ukraine”, which are always answered from the same source.

Podolyak: “The Russians want to turn to a war of positions”

We are entering the final phase of the war. The question is how long this final stage will last. It can go on, because the Russians are throwing away all their resources and want to switch to the so-called war siteTo say it Mykhailo PodolyakAdviser of Zelensky’s office, regarding the Ukrainian channel Freedomua and adds: “Ukraine must unblock all its regions, including Donetsk and Luhansk. This stage of the counterattack war will be difficult for us. Unfortunately there will be losses. But we will have to live them in any case ” .

Zelensky: “The war will end with diplomacy”

The war against Russia “will be bloody, it will be fought, but it will end once and for all.” with diplomacyThis was stated by the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky Speaking on Ukrainian TV IctvWhile the negotiations between Moscow and Kiev stalled. There are things that we will only be able to complete at the negotiating table. We want it again everythingthe Russian Federation does not want to give no thing‘, he said. Until now, Zelensky has always said he was skeptical about the possibility of getting a table, indicating that he hoped for a victory on the field. Yesterday’s Editorial Board The New York Times He had expressed his concerns about the duration of the conflict (which has now begun for three months) in an editorial titled “The War in Ukraine Is Complicating, America Is Not Ready,” in which the US president was invited. Joe Biden To push Zelensky to “a realistic assessment of his means and the extent of the devastation that Ukraine can bear.”

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Johnson to Erdogan: “Golden Sweden and Finland in NATO are working to overcome Turkish fears”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Last night he had a phone conversation with the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, focusing on UK-Turkey cooperation and the conflict in Ukraine. Regarding NATO’s expansion to Finland and Sweden, to which Turkey is subject to liberating thirty “terrorists”, Johnson reiterated the “threat” posed by Russia to its European neighbors, stressing that the two Nordic countries would be “precious” in the alliance. He called on Turkey to “work with its counterparts” in the two countries and NATO to “deal with them.” any interests ahead of the Madrid summit “in June. He emphasized that the UK was “ready to lend its support”.

Kyiv: “The war will continue until our Stalingrad”

I think the war will continue until we are over Our StalingradOur battle in Kursk is against the Russians. ” This was stated by the adviser to the Minister of the Interior of Kyiv Anton Gerashchenko On Ukrainian TV: “The Ukrainian counterattack near Kharkiv showed that we can push the Russians back outside our lands with higher powers. We need to get more and faster weapons from our allies, we need to better equip units, because There are losses on our part too. But our motive to defend our land is formidable, as for the Russians the motive to fight on the territory of Ukraine is practically non-existent. ”

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Fire in the most important Russian space center

Flames developed in transformer substation in buildingsZhukovsky Central Institute of Aerodynamics (TsAGI) in the Moscow region, the most important center of the Russian aviation sector. This was stated by an informed source of the Russian Agency Interfax“A substation in a 30-square-kilometer area on 1st Zhukovsky Street caught fire,” the source said. Later the same source clarified that the fire turned off There were no reports of injuries. Among the developments of TsAGI is participation in the energy rocket and space shuttle Buran projects.

Magali’s wife from Azovstal: “He went from one hell to another”

“My husband is passing by From one hell to another. He wrote to me two days ago. The situation is really difficult and horrific,” he told CNN Natalia Zaretska, wife of an Azovstal fighter who was evacuated after about three months at the Mariupol Steel Plant to the territory of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic.

Zelensky: “Helicopter pilots died to supply Azovstal, they are heroes”

Food, water and ammunition were delivered to the defenders of Mariupol helicopters. Many pilots lost their lives during these missions. This was stated by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky: “Helicopter pilots stepped in for several weeks, knowing that 90% of them wouldn’t come back. They went there to take food, water, weapons and collect the wounded. We lost a lot of riders. They were heroes“, He said.

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