Barbie is banned in Russian cinemas, but there are secret screenings of the film

Barbie is banned in Russian cinemas, but there are secret screenings of the film

The Barbie film was banned in Russia because, according to the government, it “is not in line with the goals and objectives set by the president.” However, some cinemas in Moscow have prepared themselves to show the film secretly.

while Barbie It was one of the most watched films in the world and is able to increase box office revenues in many countries, and there are also places where its viewing has been banned, such as Russia for example. The government opposed the distribution of the film because it could convey inappropriate messages to the population. But censorship was not enough, and in fact secret screenings of the film spread Greta Gerwig.

Government ban and revolt by some cinemas

Therefore, Putin’s government banned the film from being shown normally in major Russian cities, which is why the Minister of Culture announced: “no“In line with the goals and objectives set by our President to preserve and promote traditional Russian moral and spiritual values.” Russian MP Maria Butina, in an interview with Duma TV, also expressed her disappointment over the spread of a headline that could be misleading the population and could endorse the issues of the LGBT+ community: “I am categorically against the appearance in our stores of dolls promoting homosexual relations“.

But it is unfortunate that citizens did not like this imposition, since Barbie began to be very popular, but secretly. It seems, in fact, that some cinemas in Moscow have equipped themselves by selling tickets for short films produced in Russia, but in reality as soon as you enter the theatre, the presentation is completely different from what you expect: on the big screen, in fact very colorful and rosy images appear. For Barbie, complete with Margot Robbie in the foreground. Thus, managers were able to push back against censorship, allowing citizens to be able to see what they wanted most, albeit in secret.

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