June 5, 2023

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Microsoft Flight Simulator: Global Update for Italy and Malta

New cities in photogrammetry, new points of interest and more and more detail and realism for Microsoft’s flight simulator.

As Arthur Clarke wrote in the last of his famous and homonymous Three Laws: Any sufficiently advanced technique is indistinguishable from magic. In the thought of the British writer, we then dare to say that even the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator can only consist so much of magic, that it would be basically the only way to explain the feeling of amazement that characterizes every turn back. From Microsoft Emulator and Asobo Studio.

More than that after the last Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update for Italy and Maltawhere our peninsula has been extensively revised, making it more accurate, detailed, and realistic than it was before.

Unique nation in the world

Flight Simulator: Venice is more beautiful and the pictorial analogy extends far beyond the lake

It’s not too narrow-minded: Italy is a really great place. You realize it when, despite having the whole world at your disposal, you still end up in the arms of the Alps, touching the trees of the Valle delle Ferriere after you have soared over Naples and before you have seen Anacapri rise; Then the islands, enigmatic Sardinia and its extraterrestrial paradise corners, Sicily with its unexpected winds. This latest global update, the largest ever according to the developers themselves, is enveloping the nation with an extra layer of credibility by enriching it with countless details and expanding the photogrammetry far beyond the limits we expected.

Cities cloned with this technology are much more: in Rome, Bologna, Catania, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Venice and Verona since the debut of the game, Turin, Bari, Perugia, Parma, Ancona, Pavia, Citadella, have been added, Paestum and Padua. there Photogrammetry Instead, Rome, Milan, Naples, and Venice have been revised and expanded far beyond what we expected, while prior to global modernization this was only concentrated in historical centres, leaving peripheral neighborhoods in the hands of machine learning. The pictorial measure of Rome now extends kilometers and kilometers past the ring road, and in every direction, including the region of Castelli and part of the coast.

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Airports and points of interest

Flight Simulator: Mountain and mountain carvings are now more rugged and precise
Flight Simulator: Mountain and mountain carvings are now more rugged and precise

On the other hand, there are more than a hundred Italian airports The data has been updated to it, and four of those are manually generated and in 1:1 detail, namely Palermo, Sondrio, Marina di Campo and Bolzano. The global update also includes many new points of interest, from the Allianz Stadium to Silano Castle, from Modena Cathedral to Avragola Station, from Sardinian Nuraghe to Stelvio Pass, and from Capo Caccia lighthouse to Piazza dei Miracoli with, of course, the Tower of Pisa included. The package also includes three dedicated Bush cruises to Sardinia, Sicily and the Apennines; Three landing challenges in Reggio Calabria, at Falcon Borsellino Airport and at Genoa Citri; And finally three excursions to Venice, Rome and Florence.

Alps and Apennines

Flight Simulator: Travel to France
Flight Simulator: Travel to France

Every detail that fans of high-altitude flights hardly notice, but for them the experience will change when they see the wild tips in Alps, finally as rough as it is in reality and no longer smoothed by the brilliance of the program, the basic floor movement that sways, rises and sinks through more accurate and up-to-date data. Ten or more realistic gigs that can be downloaded from the in-game store, as always for free.

A world of details

Microsoft Flight Simulator: We warn our kind passengers to head towards the boarding area of ​​the Milan Palermo flight at 10.00
Microsoft Flight Simulator: We warn our kind passengers to head towards the boarding area of ​​the Milan Palermo flight at 10.00

with this Ninth world update, Microsoft Flight Simulator has virtually doubled the already inaccessible graphic details, allowing for realistic, sometimes unstable flights. In the meantime, with updates dedicated to the simulation part, the flight experience has also improved significantly, but the IFR flight control still leaves much to be desired despite being more accurate than it was initially. However, we regret to note that after all this time and increasingly effective optimization, the game is still very unstable and constantly threatened by possible crashes. Nothing is able to demoralize fans of flight simulation, or simply more than the breathtaking beauty of our planet.

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Flight Simulator: Where do you want to go today?
Flight Simulator: Where do you want to go today?

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a series that made video game history, but this new version is destined to be a true milestone. Of course, if there’s also an administrative aspect behind it, a system that serves a purpose even to those who can’t imagine it on their own, that would be even better, and we’d be really close to perfect. But the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator has already made a lot of dreams come true, and that doesn’t mean that it won’t be able to make it happen in the future…