Microsoft buys Activision, Xbox creator comments: “Karma is ab*tch!”

Microsoft buys Activision, Xbox creator comments: “Karma is ab*tch!”

Although she left Microsoft 20 years ago, Seamus Blakely It often continues To comment Xbox Affairs, and more recently, he’s also had his say inAcquisition of Activision Blizzardas usual, in a rather colorful way.

“Karma is a bitch!”, or Karma can be an asshole, or something like that, Blakely reported in his typical style. However, the reference is very interesting, as it reveals previously unpublished background on the relationship between the character in question and Bobby Kotick, which had a lot of buzz on X/Twitter.

“When we submitted a project Guitar hero “For Bobby, he told us that no one would ever release it on the market, and he refused (only to buy it later),” Blakely explained, later explaining that he did not develop the game directly but helped his friend Alex (Rigopoulos) pitch it to publishers.

Still talking about Kotick, he added: “Then I reminded him that he told me the same thing about the Xbox project a few years ago. He laughed. Now, he’s coming.” I bought it from Xbox“Karma is a bitch,” Blakely explained.

One of the creators of the first Xbox

Seamus Blakely was a video game developer who initially worked at Blue Sky Productions/Looking Glass Studios and on major titles such as Ultima Underworld and System Shock, as well as Flight Unlimited and Jurassic Park: Trespasser.

At the end of the 1990s, he joined Microsoft, where he initially worked on DirectX and then moved to a completely new project, which later became Xbox. Blakely became part of the small team that created The first Xbox console For Microsoft, then taking care of developer relations.

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In 2002, he left Microsoft and did not deal directly with the development of video games, but continued to often comment on Xbox affairs, always showing a certain attachment to this console. Apparently, he couldn’t avoid giving his opinion on Activision Blizzard’s massive acquisition, which is now complete.

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