March 23, 2023

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Weather report. Europe is divided between record temperatures, violent storms, hail and hurricanes. a lot of damage

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Weather: Extremely bad weather over central Europe, thunderstorms and tornadoes in Germany

Update at 18:30 – Violent crowded places in Germany, Hail and Tornado: The heat wave affecting central Europe ends abruptly with violent thunderstorms. Two very “bad” crooked lines They currently pass through Belgium, eastern France, Germany and the Netherlands. The worst conditions in Germany Where some are also formed super cells Associated with severe hail and hurricanes. serious damage About a hurricane in the area Paderborn (Lipstadt). Extreme phenomena caused by extreme thermal anisotropy. The highs in Germany today reached 33 degrees Celsius In Lar and spread values ​​of 30-32 °C affected the center and south of the country 32 degrees Celsius also in MunichWorth it It seems to be a historical record of the city for the month of May. Storm line crossing is now determined Sudden drop in temperature Even within 15 ° C lower.

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