One of Windows' most beloved functions is changing after 40 years of fear and disillusionment

One of Windows' most beloved functions is changing after 40 years of fear and disillusionment

Windows functionality is not safe, a piece of history is now going to be revolutionized. The question that arises is: Was this necessary?

It has now become a fact that Windows, or rather Microsoft, has every intention of inserting a little AI into any technology gap to help users.

All Windows functions will have Co? –

Just like right now, the relationship users have and want to have with AI is anything but calm. Along with the problems of all those workers who see the implementation of content creation systems The end of your work There are other issues, for example those related Legal or other material Which has been used to train artificial intelligence or The limits that should be imposed on them.

But while the world's legislators are trying to find a system to save the day, with OpenAI for example demanding exemption from copyright infringement for materials used to train ChatGPT, Windows continues to run straight ahead like a tank and also introduces AI into those jobs where it might Nobody wants that. The online debate has already begun.

Another historic function of Windows that has been negated by AI

If you've ever watched Windows in action, you've probably noticed that, as with any operating system, there are some functions and some pieces of software that come by default. Microsoft's operating system is among these Basic pieces There's the painter, the notebook, and a few other things. It's now located inside Paint and Notepad CoPilot Help. As far as the digital drawing software is concerned it is called CoCreator While it looks like he will be called for the notebook Contributing writer. One of the most popular leakers posted this new functionality online and then shared his discovery with the world.

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What appeared when searching the notepad code – Screenshot X Tero Alohnen –

On the social network we once called Twitter, the debate has opened up like an abyss. The most frequently repeated comment is that of those who wonder Why add artificial intelligence? To Notepad instead of making it a little more useful, it was enough to put a file Spell checker. And also because, as I continued to dig into the program code, some items appeared that explained what should be there Windows Future Policy With AI services: using a Credit system Like what you can already see for example with Bing Image Creator. Other interesting comments are those emphasizing how annoying the idea of ​​adding “Co” everywhere now is.

Windows has a great interest in users learning how to appreciate and use its operating system with integrated AI, but it's legitimate to question whether there should be a limit to what AI should be able to do. Maybe in a few years from now we won't even notice that we're using AI to do things, but between now and a few years we can still decide What kind of relationship we want With this technology: constructive or destructive.

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