Windows 11 Moment 5 is officially released: what's new and how to get it right away

Windows 11 Moment 5 is officially released: what's new and how to get it right away

Microsoft announced the release of the update Moment 5 for Windows 11 23H2 and 22H2,start implementing new features including i Windows Copilot pluginVoice and Narrator accessibility improvements, AI improvements for Clipchamp, Photos, and more.

New generative scanning feature in images

The update is available today for users who have enabled the option “Get the latest updates as they become available” On the Windows Update settings screen. Once you enable this setting, you can manually check for updates to get the new update. The update is distributed with the optional cumulative package KB5034848 Which, among new features, also offers support for the 80 Gbps USB4 protocol, with twice the bandwidth compared to the current range of 40 Gbps. All new features of this update can be Found here.

Windows 11 Moment 5 official: List of new features

In Windows 11, Microsoft is adopting a strategy “Continuous innovation”And launching new features through fairly continuous updates instead of being limited to the classic updates that take place every six months. This way, news reaches users more quickly. Let's see below what are the key features offered with Moment 5.

  • Plugin for Windows: The main innovation is related to the support of plug-ins in Copilot that integrate third-party services: the first two are The table is open And Instacart, to reserve a table in a restaurant or order groceries online with just a few clicks. New plugins will arrive in the coming months, for example for Shopify, Klarna and Kayak. New co-pilot skills have also been added to quickly access system settings, device information and, most importantly, improved access to accessibility features via voice command.
  • Photo enhancements and Clipchamp AI: Photo apps and Clipchamp implement new AI capabilities. The Photos app offers a generative scanning feature to automatically remove unwanted objects from photos. While Clipchamp automatically removes moments of silence from videos.
  • New accessibility features: The update provides improvements to Voice Access, for full control in Windows 11 via voice commands, and to Narrator, with audio preview and advanced navigation between images and documents.
  • Autocorrect for Windows: The Autopatch service is integrated with Windows Update for Business, making it easier to manage and install updates in enterprise environments.
  • Improve engagement: The built-in sharing feature in Windows has been improved with support for more apps, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram. New options for Nearby Sharing have also been added.
  • Smart snap tips: When you minimize or maximize a window, automatic suggestions appear to improve the layout based on open applications, making better use of available screen space.
  • Improved widgets: The Widgets tab has been improved with the ability to better categorize and organize content.
  • Multimedia and business improvements: Automatic notifications introduced when you share your screen for presentations and video conferences. The enterprise features of Windows 365 Cloud PC are also improved.

to'Update moment 5 It is currently underway and different features will be gradually enabled over the next few weeks for all users. We remember that too Copilot is not yet available in Italy and in the EU member states. More details regarding the new update on Official Windows blog.

Microsoft has also released optional cumulative updates as well Windows 10through the package KB5034843. All improvements can be found To this address.

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