Didacta Italia 2023, the second day begins: we will talk about the flag and much more

Didacta Italia 2023, the second day begins: we will talk about the flag and much more

The exhibition dedicated to the largest school in Italy, Fiera Didacta 2023, continues for the second day. The opening was attended yesterday, Wednesday 8 March, not only by the President of the Tuscany region Eugene Gianni And to the regional advisor for education, training, work, university and equal opportunities Alessandra NardiniVice President of the Senate Gianmarco CentineoMayor of Florence Dario NardellaPresident Florence Vieira Lorenzo Picatinihead of Indire Christine JerichoCommissioner of Sicily Memo TuranoDirector of Didacta Germany Reinhard KosletsPresident of the Florence Chamber of Commerce Leonardo Basilici.

Even the Minister of Education Joseph Valetara He wanted to intervene with a video message.

Here are some of the events scheduled for the day:

March 9 programme

School technique found in Didacta

School techniqueactive in the field of school information for more than 70 years, after the success of the Fiera Didacta Sicilia, will be present for the first time in Didacta gallery Italy In the Stand C27 (Cavaniglia Pavilion), in Publishing department and l Industry Press.

The goal would be to think about News about training teachers and students Such as artificial intelligence, Chat Gpt, Metaverse, STEM, School 4.0, educational bots: in short, all elements of future school.

For those who will sign up Our stand will be available free of charge immediately the Online course Six hours Effective instructional strategies for today’s teacher.held by the trainer John Morelloand practice shoppers in cotton!

activities School technique to Didacta Italia exhibitionwith dual status as a newspaper and a Mim accredited training institutionwill be multiple, from mobile interviews to moments of in-depth analysis with coaches and experts on the most diverse topics.

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Not to be missed: On March 8 and 9, at 16:00, a real talk will be broadcast live on our channels With many guests, through which every aspect of our existence will be told a Didacta. Do not miss any of our events on our website and channels Facebook And Instagram for any update.

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