Jordi Ramot: “Wikiloc is a great dream and it still needs to grow more”

Jordi Ramot: “Wikiloc is a great dream and it still needs to grow more”

Jordi Ramot: “Wikiloc is a great dream and it still needs to grow more”the factory

The businessman is a drug addict Jordi L. Ramot, CEO of Wikiloc, is the champion of Chapter 26 of Girona Valley, the podcast of Diari de Girona and the digital communications agency La Factoria dedicated to ideas, innovation, talent and business in the demarcation of Girona. Ramot begins by recalling the uncertainty of Wikiloc's beginnings in 2006, and the difficult times that most startups go through in their infancy, but also the luck of getting quick recognition in the same year that showed the potential this startup could have, which it wanted to be. Road Gate: Google Maps Spain gave it an award for being the best “mashup” (hybrid web app). The idea to create Wikiloc came from its creator when he took a mountain bike tour in San Gimignano (Tuscany), one of the most charming cities in Italy, and thought about how to save the route he took to share later with friends or if he wanted to think about doing it again.

Team Wikilock, in an archive photo at the Royal Court in Girona.

The novelty of Wikiloc is that it brought about a change in contribution (Equity fund Miura Partners retained 40%.) only when he reaches 18 years of age and when he reaches 50 million routes worldwide, has over 13.3 million registered users and nearly 100 million photos. “The most important thing is that we are growing by more than 20% every year. “We are very happy and we still have a lot of challenges ahead because the world is very big and has many new regions and mountains to explore,” explains Ramot, who last November received the edition award The second of the Diyari Awards in Girona, with the award company

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Ramot is a benchmark for mapping entrepreneurship and Wikiloc, a leading company in Scientific and Technological Park of UdG. Always discreet and modest, this businessman from Sant Feliu has promoted this road gateway more successfully abroad than at home, and among the many privileges, the position he obtained in 2009 as the best tourist site in the world stands out sustainably, according to National Geographic and Ashoka Foundation. At the time, it had “only” 100,000 reference tracks and 85,000 registered users. “We have always maintained the same Waygate identity and have our values, which are the ones we use to make our decisions,” emphasizes this addicted computer scientist, who leads the company with his colleague Montserrat Jordi.

The template will increase

Looking to the future and committing to continued growth with the entry of Miura Partners, Ramot asserts that the goal “is to continue to make ourselves known in many regions of the world, for which we are not yet known, and that alone already, it is a very ambitious and very exciting challenge.” Since ease of use is changing a lot in this sector, where There are more and more competitorsWikiloc wants to improve “to provide an easy, comprehensive tool that everyone can easily use.” And in this line of progress, Wikiloc It will integrate more professionals into the team Thanks to the influx of capital. More users, more routes and more photographs to remain a great reference as a leading and successful company in the world.

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