Christina Parodi, what happened to her? He disappeared from view because he lives today

Christina Parodi, what happened to her?  He disappeared from view because he lives today

Where were you Christine ParodiThe historical face of networks mediasetbut also A 7 And opinionfor many years? The question was asked by a viewer, Mr. Bernardo of Rome, who wrote a letter to the weekly NewTVWhich the magazine published in its “La Posta” column: “Where has Cristina gone? I think she is one of the best presenters out there, and yet she seems to have disappeared from the radar… Isn’t it a real shame?”. Many share Mr. Bernardo’s question, and the answer is usually Alessandro Cecchi Paonithat this column takes care of her personally, but this time the answer in question is not signed and is: “In fact, Baroudi has not hosted a program on television for several years, as her last broadcast dates back to before a pandemic. It is difficult to say whether it was her choice to move away from television. Or are offers scarce for her.”

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Christina’s last significant delivery was the 2017/2018 issue of sunday inwhich did not go well in terms of ratings: “Even if this program is not very successful, Christina remains a great professional” and concludes NewTV. Experiment with state tv for wife George Goreynearly ten years ago Millie CarlucciAs a jury for talent Otherwise, we get angryAfter that, she also got into hosting shows like So far so closedisplayed in pairs with Al BanoAnd live the lifefor three years with Marco Lorney And sunday in who also had his sister by his side Congrats!before concluding with First timebroadcast Sunday evening late.

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