Michelin awards the “local universe” to the Empòrium de Castelló the Green Star

Michelin awards the “local universe” to the Empòrium de Castelló the Green Star

Michelin awards the “local universe” to the Empòrium de Castelló the Green Star

the Goya Michelin The so-called was released in 2021 Green starswith what Highlights “restaurants that are pioneering in terms of sustainable practices, by proposing a gastronomic experience that combines excellence with environmental responsibility, these establishments give shape to an alternative and particularly ethical model of gastronomy”. Of the forty-nine green distinctions in the Spanish country for the 2024 Guide, one has been obtained Empòrium restaurant in Castelló d’Empúriesany He also re-validated Red Star. the Jorda Giro family He received the new distinction with joy and “a great deal of responsibility.”

to“It is a matter of pride for Castello d’Empúries to be able to enjoy this restaurant and hotel,” says the city’s mayor, Anna Massot., recognized for the brave bet made by the Jordà Giró family at that time. They work with great professionalism, passion and love for their profession. Apart from the high level of quality of their cuisine, we must know how to appreciate that they have always defended the products of the proximity, the territory and the Castello itself, with the Empordà wines and even with the flour from here and with which they make their bread. “They are an excellent example of proximity and use of zero kilometer products.”

to Brothers Joan and Marius Jorda Giroud, in charge of the kitchen, said: “It is an important recognition of the big change we have made as a restaurant in fifteen years. We chose local, sustainable gastronomy that was a reflection of what Empordà is, between sea and mountains. We wanted you to learn about the culture that lives in this region through a dish, and in this way we can support the different producers in the region. In other words, we cook with things from here, we don’t have to go and find them in Barcelona, ​​Valladolid or Portugal. We do not use travel products to understand each other.

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Brothers Joan and Marius Jorda Gero, in charge of the kitchen at Emporium.

From his point of view, “The customer has become more aware, not a day goes by that we as citizens are not asked to be more responsible, and people who come to our house appreciate a simpler dish with products and then, instead of a more elaborate dish with foreign products. We are lucky that here in Empordà we still We find this tradition that has not been distorted as you can find in big cities.” The brothers realize that “the pillar of the house is Father Salvador. It’s not our job, it’s not their job, it’s the whole family. They could tell us the brothers were in charge of the kitchen, but we didn’t get here alone. We did this thanks to the grandparents who created the hotel, the great-grandfathers, the mother, another loft of the foundation, the father and the entire Emporium team.’

“People who come to our house appreciate that a simple dish, made with local products, is worth more than a much more elaborate dish containing foreign products.”

Joan and Marius Jordaens. Emporium Restaurant Chefs

Maintaining the Red Star from day one has not been easy: “In the beginning, nine years ago, we were afraid, and we didn’t feel comfortable enough with the speech we were giving. But we kept it because we always felt it was ours, and we thought it was strong and solid enough. We have always emphasized this aspect, We are from Castelló d’Empúries, and we stand behind all products specific to the region. We create a local universe, an Empordà».

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Salvador Jordan He got the screw, adding that “here at Empordà we have very high quality products, but there is not a lot of variety. If we look at all the original things from Kilometer Zero, they give us a cuisine that is very rich in quality, but not complete in terms of product.”

Both he and his wife, Elena Jero, they have a vivid memory of the ill-fated Xavier Sagristà. ‘We followed his philosophy, had many conversations, and his mastery was so great and, at the same time, the simplicity of a very generous person who always wanted to share his knowledge. He knew how to convey a lot of information about what Empordà is in terms of life and gastronomy.’

Elena Giro and Salvador Jorda with the new green Michelin star

To make this proximity possible, the Emporium Restaurant has… The collusion of many suppliers in the regionIncluding:

  • Beef Aiguamolls – beef

  • Biofalgás – vegetables and fruits

  • Horta de Tramuntana – vegetables

  • Mengivol – cheese/anchovies

  • Cassius (Girona cheeses) – cheeses

  • Cremieux – Os

  • Green cabbage – foie gras

  • Fire herds – sheep/goats

  • Enrique Corcol – Peix de Roses and El Port de la Selva)

  • Joan Estela – wines from Empordá)

  • Grade – Empordda wine)

  • Apoikia Vinyes de mahalta – Biodynamic wines

  • Sausages – sausages, ham, sausages, sausages

  • Cal Re – Olive Oil

  • Yalla – Uli Doleva

  • Tramuntana rice – rice

  • Dairy products Cabanelles Tramuntana – milk and its derivatives

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