Mexico is reactivating “State Native” to destroy all traces of Columbus

Mexico, Mexico | How to oust Christopher Columbus: The power of the left in Mexico Spain, its main European economic partner, settles its last accounts with domestic speeches marking the twentieth anniversary of this year’s victory and independence.

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Tuesday is a national holiday in Spain to celebrate the “discovery” of the United States in 1492 due to Christopher Columbus.

In Mexico City, authorities want to provoke “indigenous resistance.” The statue of the Admiral was removed from the square bearing his name a year ago.

On the empty pedestal, feminists raised a portrait of a woman towards the skyscrapers of the Mexican bourgeoisie, the Pasio de la Reforma. They renamed the place “The Place of Fighting Women.”

Eventually, Mexico City Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum announced closely to President Andrs Manuel Lபpez Obrador that the statue of Columbus would be replaced by a tribal Olmec woman.

She is the granddaughter of Jewish immigrants who left Europe in the 20th century.

Historian Federico Navarre told AFP that the statue of Columbus “could not be returned to its place.” “It no longer makes sense to try to impose (…) this racist and colonial story,” he said.

Six meters high, founded in 1877, the statue is being restored. The capital’s monument committee decided that the work of the French sculptor Charles Cartier (1827-1905) should be restored to the most brilliant district of Poland.

This year, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Mexican government’s conquest of Mexico in 1521, Spain and the Vatican again demanded an “apology” for atrocities against “indigenous peoples.”

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Pope Francis of Argentina confessed “sins” in Mexico in a letter read by the President on the twentieth anniversary of Independence Day, September 27, 1821.

Training Maya

In Spain, by contrast, the Pedro Sanchez (center-left) government was quiet and unleashed right-wing opposition to the Mexican president’s nickname, AMLO.

“I’m not going to raise the bar of apologists,” he said. Jose Maria Aznar (1996-2004), one of Sanchez’s pioneers, completely mocked the head of state’s Castilian name.

“Andres for the Aztecs, Manuel for Maya, Lopez, this is a mix between the Incas and the Maya,” he told applause from Popular Party (PP) executives in late September.

Beyond controversy, Spain is one of Mexico’s top four European economic partners, followed by Germany and Italy (with exports of $ 4 billion in 2019).

Europe lags far behind the United States and China.

In fact, the suffering of the statue of Christopher Columbus did not shake the foundation of another monument in the tower of Pacio de la Reforma, the tower of BPVA (Banco Bilbao Visca Argentoria), the leading Spanish bank in the Mexican market.

On the other hand, Spanish power company Ebertola could be affected by another AMLO project, with market reform allocating 56% to the Federal Electricity Authority (CFE).

Mr. Lopez apologized to Jacques, an aboriginal people who had suffered “state crimes” under the dictatorship of Obrador Porbrio Diaz (1884-1911).

The president is implementing a new form of “state aboriginalism,” Yasnaya Aguilar, a native linguist and writer who, in a note of this political and cultural current born in Mexico, has directed the pre-Hispanic world around the world. -Building process.

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Regarding the tourism project started by AMLO on the Yucatan Peninsula, we have always used these symbols, despite plans to affect indigenous peoples such as the Mayan Rail.

In May, local communities filed complaints against companies for fraud and human rights abuses. The National Fund for Tourism (Fonatour) should terminate the contract with the relevant company.

“Forgiveness is futile if there is no change in these policies and practices that affect indigenous peoples,” concludes historian Navrat.

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