Vaccines are mandatory for Starbucks, U.S. employees

In accordance with a new directive issued by the President, Starbucks US employees must undergo vaccinations or weekly checks.

Well, ‘duty’ is not the right word: to match the forthcoming vaccination order issued by US President Joe Biden, Starbucks Told its 220,000 or more national employees to disclose their status Vaccine If by January 10 they have not been fully vaccinated against Govt disease, they should be subjected to weekly tests.


In short, the coffee company’s recommendation to inject anti-Govt serum was strong, but in reality nothing was imposed on the staff. It should also be noted that Starbucks is prepared to offer two hours of paid leave for each dose, including the booster. “This is an important step that we can take to vaccinate as many partners as possible, control the spread of Covit-19 and create choices that can be made based on what is best for employees,” the CEO commented. Of the brand, John Culver. “If vaccine rates rise and social coverage decreases, we will adapt accordingly. But if things get worse, we will have to consider additional measures. For now, I hope we will all do our part to protect each other.

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