Coffee Petito was strangled to death

Gabby Petito, a young traveler who caused great controversy in the United States, died of strangulation and the forensic scientist who oversaw his autopsy announced Tuesday that his death was a homicide.

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The body of a 22-year-old woman was found on Sept. 19 in Wyoming (northwestern) state of Teton County, where Dr. Brent Blue said, “The cause of death was strangulation and it was murder.”

He was killed three to four weeks before his body was found near Grand Dayton National Park, and he did not provide further details about the autopsy.

Her ex-boyfriend, Brian Laundry, is being actively searched by authorities but could not be found.

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He was described as “a person interested in the investigation” and was charged with fraud using a bank card.

The couple went on a trip in a modified van that lasted four months from New York in July and continued to be shared on Instagram and YouTube, in the dazzling settings of national parks in the western US. Photos and videos.

But on Sept. 1, Brian returned home alone with the laundry van.

On Sept. 11, Gabriel Petito’s family said they had not seen her and had not asked her since the end of August.

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Following the lovers ’journey on social networks for several weeks, internet users tried to find the young woman and the media caught the story.

The hunt conducted by the police in a swamp in Florida and the intervention of the star bounty hunter of the reality show has attracted American and foreign internet users who are commenting following all stages of the investigation.

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