February 6, 2023

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Dating to kill Scratchers. The alarm raised by the United States and Colombia

An alarming international scenario. Nicola Gratteri He has lived under guard for the past thirty years: a period too long marked by threats and plans of attack exposed through wiretaps between chiefs and picciotti and through the revelations of justice collaborators. The District Attorney of Catanzaro is considered an irreducible enemy by the ‘Ndrangistian elusive judge has always battled them in all their traditional areas of work: drug smuggling, extortion, connections to politics, contract management and subcontracts.

However, never before had the warning of a possible offensive action against him been so high. the reason? The alarm comes from foreign investigative agencies – the United States and South America – who decided to immediately inform our government of what was shaping up on the other side of the world. No one has exact knowledge of what the American investigators discovered – the secrecy is absolute – but one can deductively imagine that the project to eliminate Prosecutor General Gratteri also includes foreign criminal structures.

You are likely, in fact, to be an important, well-known and exposed person, The decision to attempt his life must be won by the “concert” of the “partners” and “closers” of the ‘Ndrangheta on the other side of the Atlantic. The consequences of a criminal act against a judge with professional contacts at the highest level in the United States, Canada, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, as well as in Australia, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain can be devastating for the mafia from an oppressive and investigative point of view. This is why the decision to kill him must be “shared” beforehand if not already “authorized”.

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Therefore, it can be assumed that the American and South American investigative agencies – on various occasions and circumstances – discovered these “moves” and listened to the conversations, which were promptly duly reported to the Italian authorities. The attack had to be carried out along the route from Gerace to reach Catanzaro. Warning notes will be presented on issues related to the appointment of the new National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor and the relevant decision of the Supreme Judicial Council. The secrecy that accompanied the entire case underscores the level of severity.

For several weeks, Nicola Gratteri has been driving an armored jeep equipped with a remote explosive device detection system, accompanied by “specialists” from Nocs, the elite division of the state police. His wife and children ended up being guarded by the judge. The Public Prosecutor did not intend to make any statements, only saying that the existence of a plan to kill him “is not new.” On the other hand, death has been staring her in the face for three decades. It is not easy to live like this, you need an exceptional mood.

On that day, he said, commenting on the murder of Paraguay’s most famous prosecutor, Marcelo Picci, a specialist in the fight against drug trafficking, who was killed on the beach of a Colombian island where he was on a honeymoon with his pregnant wife, he said. .: «During the time I was in Colombia every month and a half, they killed seven judges. Then they built a wall one and a half meters thick as a fence in the court of Bogotá and outside the door of the Public Prosecution Office today there is not even their name but a number. On the other hand, the interrogations are done through a mirror from which one can see only from one side, and the tone of the voice of the judge who administers it is also changed. The justice of the peace who does not even sign the documents. I was at home in Cartagena, Bogota and Santa Marta, knowing the risks and dangers of these great judges who do exceptional work and risk their lives every day for so little money.”

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