The United Nations approved the Chinese decision on the peaceful use of science and technology in international cooperation

During the regular press conference of the Chinese Foreign Ministry on December 24, spokesperson Zhao Lijian announced that the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly held on the same afternoon, Beijing time, a plenary session to approve the decision submitted by the Chinese side. Promoting the peaceful use of international cooperation in the field of international security.

As explained by Zhao Lijian, the resolution, by raising the banner of human society with a common future and promoting common security and common development, calls for protecting the legitimate rights of all countries to peacefully use science and technology and participate in international cooperation. The resolution urges the countries concerned to remove excessive restrictions and discriminatory controls on the export of science and technology to developing countries for their peaceful use. It also requests the UN Secretary-General to submit a report to the 77th session of the General Assembly next year, to allow member states to move forward with further discussions.

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