Regarding immigration, Europe left with Meloni. But the Democratic Party still does not understand

Regarding immigration, Europe left with Meloni.  But the Democratic Party still does not understand

When Boris JohnsonAnd the Leader Conservative Party The British Prime Minister and the Prime Minister of London, were overshadowed by criticism of the proposed agreements with Rwanda for the management of refugees, when they were proposed by the Social Democrat Frederiksen putsAnd the Reappointed as prime minister after the last election, Europe spoke. But Frederiksen’s ability in recent months has been to sell to left-wing voters in one of Europe’s most progressive countries, de facto organic solutions to the European Right, and present them as pragmatic ones.

The electoral program of the Danish Social Democrats (SD) allies of the Democratic Party and the German Social Democrats in the European Socialist Party and the Progressive Alliance, on the immigration front even surpasses that of the Georgia Meloni government on the right, as mentioned. Italy today: “Point one, asylum seekers will be transferred to Rwanda. Point Two: Migrants who commit crimes, after being convicted, will be transferred to chartered prisons in Kosovo. Point Three: Residence permits already granted to immigrants from countries that improve the situation will be withdrawn due to expiration of the war “. A practical plan that commits the Immigration Department to a state of emergency but at the same time wants to provide a variety of procedures between refugee reception and emergency management for people who have arrived in the country for emergency reasons. and “that these are not merely propaganda statements corroborated by the fact that the Frederiksen government has taken steps to implement them prior to the elections.”

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The 44-year-old leader of the Danish Left, so active on social networks that she uses her to advertise every political choice and moments of private life (famous for the series of stories showing her appreciation for canned mackerel), became the country’s youngest prime minister in 2019. The position of Prime Minister of Copenhagen, which It appears set to continue after his left-wing bloc secured a slim majority in Tuesday’s legislative vote: 90 of the 179 seats will go to parties supporting the outgoing government, and with 27.45% of the prime minister’s Social Democrats, the most voted, and were The best result in twenty years.

Frederiksen resigned a month ago and called for early elections after one of her allies, the radical left-wing Social Liberal Party, opened up the government’s crisis after criticizing her government’s policies to confront the coronavirus pandemic and the decision to cull millions of mink, without any legal basis, for fear that the virus mutating in animals could It makes vaccines less effective. In the blitzkrieg he presented the same program that he won in the 2019 elections: a strong shift in protectionism and public investment in the economic sphere, and the preservation of immigration.

Under the leadership of Frederiksen SD, he called for an end to “non-Western immigrants,” deporting asylum seekers to a North African reception center and forcing all immigrants to work 37 hours a week in exchange for social benefits. In the past, she contacted the Danish People’s Populist Party (DPP), and conducted a series of joint interviews with its leader, Christian Tholsen DahlAnd discuss cooperation with them in the government. Italia Oggi recalls “the fact that the Frederiksen government removed the residence permits of 94 refugees from Syria and reopened procedures for hundreds of other immigrants, caused quite an uproar last year.” But it should not be surprising, in this perspective, that a proponent of the Scandinavian left promotes such a plan, at the same time among the most advanced on the workers’ front and among the most countercurrent when necessary. Frederiksen is the last head of government Daughter of trade union extremism From a zealous former combatant on the battlefield against whaling, deforestation and war, Europe became a pragmatic leader who recognized how the working and working classes of the West are the biggest losers of globalization. Immigration management policies aimed at balancing the needs of hospitality with the needs of the weaker sections of the population were proposed, in order to create those wars among the poor that were unfortunately seen in areas less controlled by the authorities in Sweden.

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“For me, it is becoming increasingly clear that the price of unregulated globalization, mass immigration, and the free movement of labor is being paid by the lower classes,” the Social Democrat leader declared before the 2019 vote. Years and will continue in the coming years, the trend conquered the rest of Northern Europe. Famous Prime Minister’s Choice Sana Marine For the proposal to build a wall between Finland and Russia that would serve, if necessary, against any refugee from the union in the event of a crisis, it is worth noting the restrictive shift of the Swedish left before the elections won by the centre-right. In September: In the last months of the Social Democratic government, the post of Anders Yegmann, Minister of Immigration and Asylum, caused a sensation during an interview with the localHe declared that in the future the country should favor favorable immigration to strengthen the national economy. If you want to come here and wash the dishes for 5000 kr a month [meno di 500 euro al mese, ndr]“So I am sorry, but we do not want to take advantage of you. We do not want this type of labor migration to affect the Swedish market,” the minister said, explaining a topic often raised by Swedish Democrats. This is a topic that Frederiksen already understood in Denmark. It opened years ago a turning point that has now been transmitted throughout Scandinavia and never occurred by the left from the old continent that, including the Italian Democratic Party, has always thought more about glorifying globalization than controlling its consequences for the weaker sections. Of the population.

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