June 3, 2023

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A study revealed that it is the most “dangerous” ever on the street

How often does a motorist jokingly call his car a “trap”, mocking the possibility of an accident? These three cars, given on hand, are perhaps really …

We at Quattromania care a lot for safety From our readers who get behind the wheel every day. In the past, we’ve seen two interesting ratings: the rating of the most disastrous crash tests in history – which fortunately often relate to cars that aren’t even sold in Europe – and the safest, the detection of cars that give us more safety in the event of an accident.

Yes, it is also on the list (Wikipedia)

Today, we’ll see a new arrangement of the three Most “killer” cars in the world According to the American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The US National Agency collected data from 1989 to 2017 on fatal accidents in the country to understand whether there was a link of some kind between certain car models and fatal accidents that occurred. Before starting with the list, it is necessary to make two explanations.

First, this is numerical data: we do not know in how many cases listed by IISH resulted from the actually fatal accident due to the vehicle in question and in which the failure is at the driver’s risk, malfunction or external factors. Second: All three vehicles stayed in these unenviable top three positions in production for a very long time and they sold a lot. The more cars in circulation, the more accidents, this is a statistic. However, here are the three deadliest cars according to Americans.

Eid is over

With 98 fatal accidents per million units sold, third in this ranking, no car would want to be the one. Chevrolet Sonic. This car, which changed its design several times during the year 2000, is the classic American low-cost car. The car is very popular, but it is still inferior to the cars that occupy the second and first places.

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Hyundai KBB 11_06_2022 Quattromania
Hyundai Accent does not make a good impression (KBB)

In the second step of the deadliest car platform, we find the Hyundai Accent, a Korean small car that has been on the market since 1995 and which according to the data was the protagonist of 116 fatal accidents per million units sold. this car It’s already less prevalent In Europe where Hyundai has an excellent reputation for the safety and reliability of their vehicles.

in the first place, The unexpected Ford Fiesta Four doors. According to ISHH, as many as 141 deaths out of a million people have been in the Fiesta as a champ. Given that the car has been produced since 1976 and sells practically all over the world – including China and Taiwan – this number should definitely be reduced. Either way, the prize for the deadliest car is yours. Have you ever said that about a car that looked so innocent?