Messi’s goal is illegal. France is angry, that’s what happened

Messi’s goal is illegal.  France is angry, that’s what happened

The case broke World Cup final in Qatarwho saw it Argentina beating victory France. An exciting game full of twists and turns Mbappe arch In the final, which took the match to extra time, even a penalty lottery that allowed A.J Messi To raise the coveted World Cup to the sky. A great disappointment for the French national team, which was not content with the exceptional performance of the number 10. But now, in addition to crying, France went on the attack, unleashing the wrath of the French. Argument On irregular target from the Argentines.

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Argentina’s victory: Front pages of newspapers around the world

Messi goals what happened

A “criminal” network is a network 3-2 by Messi In the 108th minute of the second overtime. the team In fact, he shared a large-scale photo while aiming, revealing why the goal appeared delete. Pull Lautaroprocession Loris On the rebound, the Argentine champion arrives to score. The problem is that even before the net hits the net, some players Argentina, in the technical field, entered the field to Celebrate the goal. From the pictures you can clearly see two players with their feet apart field linebefore the ball passes through goal line.

Argentina vs Mbappe in the dressing room: the shocking referee after winning the World Cup

"Fatal tears": reactions of the French press

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“Fatal tears”: the reaction of the French press

Messi goals, what the regulation says

This ecstasy in the desire to rejoice from the seats of the basilisk can bring upon cancellation Goalto me Rule 3.9 Organization: “If, after a goal has been scored, the referee realizes, before play resumes, that there is an additional person on the field of play at the time the goal is scored, the referee shall disallow the goal if the additional person is a player (entered or returned without permission), substituted, substituted, sent off or an official of the team who Score the goal.

Messi, a wonderful World Cup: the numbers dedicate it

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Messi, a wonderful World Cup: the numbers dedicate it

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