Messages from other apps arrive in WhatsApp from April 11: how to activate them

Messages from other apps arrive in WhatsApp from April 11: how to activate them

starting from Thursday, April 11, 2024 It will be activated on WhatsApp job Compatibility Thanks to it it will be possible to exchange messages with third-party applications, according to Digital Markets Lawand the EU-US Data Privacy Framework and Digital Services Act. The function that should be named Third party chat, could revolutionize the way we use the popular instant messaging service. However, it should be made clear that it will not be possible to exchange messages with third-party applications as early as April 11. In fact, third-party messaging apps that want to exploit interoperability with WhatsApp will have to accept the terms and technical details set by Meta, once… Sent your requestThey may have to Wait three months before it is accepted. Anyone who registered for WhatsApp after February 15, 2024 will receive a notification explaining the changes, while everyone has already agreed to the new terms. It should also be noted that as of April 11 it has been reduced from 16 years to 13 years Minimum age to use WhatsApp in all EU countries (this was already the case in Italy, so nothing will change).

How WhatsApp is changing as of April 11, 2024

What will practically change on WhatsApp starting April 11, 2024 is The presence of a new menu item – It is supposed to be called in the Italian interface Third party chat – which will allow you to do so Embodying the concept of interoperability served withArticle 7 Follower Digital Markets Law or Direct Direct Access (DMA).. Among other things, this article says that gatekeeper (a term used to refer to large technology companies that have been “targeted” by the DMA) You must:

Make the core functionality of number-agnostic IPC services interoperable with number-agnostic IPC services
The number of other service providers offering or intending to offer such services in the Union and providing, upon request and free of charge, the necessary technical interfaces or similar solutions that facilitate interoperability.

Translated from “legal”, Article 7 basically states that a large platform like WhatsApp ensures that users can exchange messages, photos, videos, etc. Between individuals (hence in “one-to-one” chats) while using third-party applications. The legislation also stipulates that within two years this will also extend to group chats and within four years also to calls (audio and video, individual and group).

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In short, the menu item that will allow you to activate the WhatsApp interoperability function will actually be available from April 11, but It will not immediately allow exchanging messages with third-party applications: This will be possible later. This is because “non-gatekeeper” messaging apps will have to ask WhatsApp to take advantage of interoperability with the latter.

Furthermore, Meta (the company that develops WhatsApp, as well as other services such as Facebook, Instagram and Messenger) will have to conduct a whole series of checks and tests to ensure adequate security for its users, and this could mean taking up to three months before the application is made interoperable with WhatsApp. . in Official press release From Meta, in fact, we read:

For interoperability, third-party providers will sign an agreement with Messenger and/or WhatsApp and We will work together to enable interoperability. Today we will publish a WhatsApp reference demo for third-party providers that will outline what is required to interoperate with the service. While the Meta must be ready to enable interoperability with other services within three months of receiving the request, It may take longer before the feature is ready for general use.


How to activate chats with other applications to send messages

The interoperability function must be activated in this simple mode. Once you open the messaging app, you have to follow the path Settings > Accounts > Third-party chats Then press the buttons activation And continuous. Finally we must Select third-party applications Who want to activate interoperability and save everything with one click of the button Memorizes (at the bottom of the screen).

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Once the function is activated Third party chatMessages from apps that will be accepted by Meta for interoperability with WhatsApp will be grouped in a dedicated section of the screen conversation For application, it can also be appreciated through the following explanatory video.

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