Meriti Nasti, Italy U-21 national team moves to Türkiye. Yildiz was on the field the entire match

Meriti Nasti, Italy U-21 national team moves to Türkiye.  Yildiz was on the field the entire match

The first success arrives forItaly U21 registered Nunziata. Blues Won Türkiye 0-2He also achieved his first victory in the first group, and is eligible to qualify for the next European Championship. One goal in each half for Italy: in the first half it was like that Merity To log in, take advantage of the wonderful gameplay Esposito; In the second half, the new player is the one who closes the score NastyWhich with a torpedo of 30 meters or more closes the Türkiye case. Ninety minutes on the field Yildiz: The protagonist in the first half with great plays, fades in the second half like his entire team, due to exhaustion.

A success for the Italians which is valuable in terms of the standings: Italy now has 4 points, -2 behind Norway (which beat Latvia 7-0 in the afternoon) and tied with Latvia (although the latter has played one more game than Italy). The match between the Republic of Ireland and San Marino concludes today evening, with 3 and 0 points currently, respectively. Upcoming commitments within a month during the upcoming national holiday: Italy will play on October 17 against Norway, the league leaders.

Türkiye U21 – Italy U21, live text

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90′ + 5′ – And it ends here!
Italy beats Turkey 2-0, a win that allowed the Italians to get 4 points in the group

90′ + 4′ – Personal action by Nasty, who tried to shoot from a narrow angle, but was blocked by the goalkeeper.

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90′ – Five minutes of stoppage time

90′ – Yellow for Cassady

89′ – Italian substitution, with Fazzini replacing Baldansi

83′ – Noisy breakups!
The blue goalkeeper does everything: first, he makes the mistake by slipping the ball from his hands. The ball reaches Teknaz, who shoots with a sure shot, but the goalkeeper compensates for it with an incredible intervention with his left foot.

80′ – The second yellow card of the match again for Turkey: yellow for Teknaz

79′ – Double Italy!
In the most complicated moment for the Azzurri, the score comes at 0-2: Baldance serves Nasti, the latter wins the shoulder-to-shoulder duel, a shot from 30 meters goes beyond Alemdar and the ball goes into the net! An amazing goal and direct result

78′ – The last substitution for Turkey, with Turkmen and Yardemi coming on

77′ – The first yellow card in the match: a warning for Bayram

75′ – Italy are clearly tired, the Azzurri can no longer keep the ball high

65′ – Double substitution for Italy as well, with Esposito and Meriti coming off and Nasti and Bove coming on.

61′ – Another double substitution for Turkey with Gorluk and Canak coming on and Distan and Elmaz coming on

61′ – Turkey’s reaction: After the corner kick, Yildiz tries to shoot a shot from the outside, a very good result, but it is blocked due to a side error from the Azzurri’s defensive wall.

53′ – Cross from the left side from Ruggeri to Baldanzi on the other side, the Empoli playmaker tries to shoot a very strong ball but he clears the ball.

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46′ – Shooting starts
We start again from 0-1 in the first half by Meriti. Italy: No changes and a double substitution for Turkey, with the entry of Beyaz and Aksoy and the exit of Butor and Ozcan

45′ + 3′ – The end of the first half!
Italy took a narrow lead thanks to Meretti’s goal at the end of stoppage time

45′ + 3′ – Meriti goal!
Immediately at the end of the first half, Italy took the lead: beautiful play from Esposito, who enters the area, passes the opponent, and sees the Juventus midfielder in the area, who makes no mistakes and beats Alamdar.

45′ – Three minutes of stoppage time

41′ – Italy again!
A bright pass from Baldanzi to serve Meriti, who is well positioned inside the area, but he controls the ball very poorly and wastes everything.

40′ – Loud blue opportunity!
Beautiful personal shot from Zanotti who sees and serves Ndour: very slow in execution and an inaccurate shot blocked by Turkey

37′ – Resumption of the match

36′ – The match was stopped: an aerial clash between Ndour and Satsi, both of whom were on the ground in pain

33′- Slow pace and longer teams: this time it is Turkey that worries Italy with Yildiz’s usual excellent start, but a tense, low cross is returned by Pirola.

30′ – Italy misses the counterattack badly: Ndour sends Ruggeri, a deep ball to Meretti, who tries to send Baldanzi in the middle, but the decisive pass is intercepted by the Turkish defense.

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24′ – Yildiz is trying!
The Juventus striker tries for personal initiative, trying to conclude from outside the area: a powerful but slightly long shot, which touches the net from the outside.

20′ – Another chance for Italy
The Azzurri are on the rise: Baldanzi from the right sees Esposito attacking the near post, the striker reaches the split ball but only finds it outside the net.

18′ – The answer is Italy!
The Azzurini is very close to scoring: a cross from the left side, Esposito touches it and passes it to Cassady, who shoots in a split second but shoots high from an excellent position.

13′ – Türkiye is close to the advantage!
Crossed from the right side, Jardimce jumped freely between Pirola and Coppola, but his header went wide of the goal.

Minute 12 – Good chance for Italy! Baldanzi sends a deceptive ball into the middle but it is too far from Meriti

11′- Italy is still in front, Meriti tries to dribble into the opponent’s area but is immediately stopped by the Turkish rearguard.

9′ – Initial stages of adjustment for both teams, but the Italians seem to be improving as the minutes pass

1′ – The start of the Türkiye-Italy match

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