Kyrgios talks about himself before the final at Wimbledon

Kyrgios talks about himself before the final at Wimbledon

The Australian drowned out the press conference: “I was sorry for not playing against Nadal, I only slept an hour. I’m nervous, which I don’t usually do. That’s what Djokovic told me.”

Now Nick Kyrgios finds himself setting an example. “Look at the picture, look at my identity. In Canberra, in some terrible area. Look at what I’m up to: the Wimbledon final. It means it’s possible: you don’t stop believing in it, you have to believe in yourself,” the Australian said at the press conference.

The reference is a photo that is displayed in these hours on social media and shared by Kyrgios himself: he, as a child, cheeks and bat in hand. “Suppose I was a hungry child: in the picture I looked like Mane from a modern family.”


It’s a strange approach, and it’s Kyrgios’ approach in his first Grand Slam final. “This is not how I wanted to get to the final, I wanted to play the match against Nadal. I found out about his retirement last night, at dinner: the first feeling I had was disappointment, all my energy was about how to face the match. I hope to see him in the ring once Others soon.” Could missing one match be an advantage for Nick? “I found a good routine. Obviously, people immediately said, ‘Here, he has an extra day off.'” “But it just shocked me a bit, because I played so many matches and suddenly I had three days off. From a certain point of view today, not being able to play changes things a bit: getting to the final without playing the semi-final brings a little bit of adrenaline. But I am trying to see The plus side: I can rest my body.” And the first night after becoming a finalist wasn’t easy: “I was going to sleep for an hour total because of what happened and because of the excitement, I was a little anxious. And I’m very nervous, which I don’t usually feel.”

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Nick and Tennis

Kyrgios is going through new sensations too, because “I didn’t think at 27 I’d be able to get here. But now I have my chance. My relationship with tennis? I don’t know. There are times I hate the sport, others where I think I’m one of the most I’ve seen. Competitive. More than tennis, I really like to compete, whether it’s with my Nintendo or when I play basketball. One thing is for sure: whether I win or lose Sunday I’ll be happy.” And winning Wimbledon won’t change things much: “I wouldn’t travel more than 4 or 5 months anyway. I’ve been playing tennis since I was seven, and I don’t want to spend time away from my family and loved ones. Only who plays tennis all year and then misses out.” Important moments.”

with Knoll

Kyrgios also spoke about how his relationship with Djokovic, the opponent in the final, changed: “At the moment we have a kind of” friendship “, it’s kind of strange. Everyone knows that for a long time we did not like each other, so to speak. But I think I was The only player who stood up for what happened in Australia. And I think we got respect there, like when you have a moment of crisis in your life and someone comes to your aid. We exchange messages on Instagram and things like that. Earlier this week he said to me: I hope to see you at The final is on Sunday. And if he wins, “Don’t ask me to do it again! There will never be anyone who touches the ball like Roger, someone who is competitive like Rafa or someone who wins every game when they have to love Djokovic. There are some very strong people out there, guys, like Alcaraz.” And Sinner, they play without fear. But I think no one will be able to repeat their steps and it will be a sad day when they stop. Rarely will Federer, Nadal, Djokovic.”

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