Maurizio Steca recovering from Covid: “In the hospital with me four, no fax, they took the place of the others”

“The worst is over. I don’t have it anymore Corona virus diseaseI’m out of harm’s way, working to get my breath back. Each day they lower the oxygen and take another IV. I still couldn’t distinguish the flavors, but I started eating again.” Maurizio Steca, former WBO champion, announces that he has finally succeeded in disregarding himself in the medical district of Ca’ Fonciello Hospital in Treviso where he was in the hospital. But his hospitalization did not make him lose his fighting ability: “I was constantly monitored for a blood disease, I received two doses of the vaccine, but I was clearly not Superman. People should understand that although life consists of personal choices, one cannot put others at risk. There were eight nurses helping me, one patient. the four no fax In the room with me they were taking someone else’s place. Our choices matter Veneto courier.

Stecca, who was vaccinated with two doses, entrusted her cheer to Facebook: “You won the match of my life, thank you for supporting me with your team friends… Merry Christmas 2021, Maurizio Stecca.” Now, he says, “if it is necessary for them to keep me in hospital for special care, I will stay, but I would like to go home as soon as possible to make room for those who need it most from me.” Steka, a 1984 Los Angeles gold medalist, after quitting boxing gloves became a certified boxing coach and master of boxing. In the late 1990s, he discovered that he had a blood condition called PNH (Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria).

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