Tampere live at the European Athletics Congress in Rome 2024 after the gold medal: follow the live broadcast

Tampere live at the European Athletics Congress in Rome 2024 after the gold medal: follow the live broadcast

After the magical night at the Olimpico He won the gold medal (the third European one) before the excited eyes of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, Jimbo Tampere He returns to speak at the press conference. Follow all updates live.


The press conference ended

Jimbo Tampere’s press conference ends here.


Tampere and the “Letter to the Sailors”

“I’m very well. I could have had some war wounds but instead we worked great with my team. I haven’t worked like this for years, with physical problems affecting the season. It’s another thing to work without physical problems. I was convinced the race would go as planned. “Okay, and then it was clear that there were difficulties. Once I found the pre-season, I showed potential, and I don’t know if that’s all because I think I could have offered something and more than that, I don’t want to intimidate my opponents.”


Tampere: “Did Mattarella have fun? I’ll ask him tomorrow”

“Did Mattarella have as much fun as he did last night? I’ll ask him tomorrow (laughs, editor). Yesterday I was jumping for joy in the crowd. I’m happy with the result but I want to win the race. Olympic period.”


Tampere on Baltrinieri and Mattarella

“Paltrinieri gone? I found out 5 minutes before starting here. I called him but he still hasn’t answered me. I’m very happy for him, he was nervous but he’s an extraordinary athlete and he has nothing left to prove to others and to himself. I wish him the best in Paris, will you?” Did you write this before?


Tampere and Azzurro Group

“It’s nice to experience this blue group, we support each other in everything, and they do it with me in a unique way because they understood how big my dream is.”


Tambri reveals Barshim’s message

“Barshim? I’ll check now if he wrote to me… (He takes the phone, editor). Yes, he congratulated me.”


Drums on the NBA

“NBA? I’m not following at the moment, I’m busy with my season. Even the national team, I’m in contact with Gigi, and I hope to see them in Paris.”


Tampere and the difference between Tokyo and Paris

“I’m as focused as I was in Tokyo, the difference is that after 5 years there was an intense obsession in which I had to prove to myself that what I did made sense. I just believe in it. Now it’s a beautiful, positive obsession: I see France everywhere.” I can’t wait until August 10, I will participate in other races first, 3 or 4, on July 9 in Hungary, in Monaco on the 11 and maybe on the 18-19 in Ancona in front of my family and the team, I know how much they have given me and what they have given me.


Tampere and the relationship with typhoid

“When I go out on the track I’m afraid to see the empty corner: yesterday I couldn’t wait to go out on the track to see if there was anyone there. I don’t realize they are coming for me, I always feel small compared to the great champions and I want to keep seeing it that way.”


Tampere on Valentino Rossi

“Valentino Rossi is one of the few athletes who has remained the same despite the tremendous success he has achieved. He is an example for everyone, it is nice to see a real person, he was having fun and having fun. I always watched him and always said to him: for me, I wanted to be like this, “I want to be myself on the floor too, so that helps me.”

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Tampere is the joke on TV

“The boys who came on TV when I pretended to throw myself on the floor and pull the springs out of my shoes? They were my best friends… (laughs, editor). They told me all kinds of things, from friends to friends.” Chiara’s wife but everyone with a smile was a joke to make this sport more fun after the performance comes, I like to joke because I already got over the injury and decided to monitor the off-season more it has changed, it all reflects on my current condition, I always monitor everything in the light of Paris, my weight now is 75.2 Kilo, in Tokyo I was 76 years old.


Tampere and all its flags

“My first flag was in Tallinn in 2011. I was a child then and perhaps I did not realize the importance of the three colors. Now every time I wear blue, I feel a force that pushes me and gives me confidence to give my country the new flag.” “My best tomorrow will be the most important, which is what I will receive with Ariana Errigo. It is a great honor to be chosen as a standard bearer. To this day I still strive to achieve it, but also I am happy for myself and the entire movement.”


Drums on monopolizing the field

“Do I monopolize the field? Maybe, but I do everything to give the best performance: everything that is stipulated in the rules and helps me give my best, I do it. Then the audience chooses for itself: Talking about disrespecting opponents seems out of place.” A place because I’m always the first to applaud them.”


Tampere: “I will only be happy if I win the Olympics”

“I wanted to jump 2.37 seconds and that was a good boost of confidence. I put athletics and results before everything, so I’m very happy with the way I started. I’ll only be happy if I win the Olympics, of course.”


Drums on the last jump

“My last jump of 2.37? That was the goal I set for myself. If you risk overdoing it you will regret it later. The injury in 2016 has nothing to do with it. Now we have to improve what needs improvement.” “I haven’t seen it again yet, not even a jump, but I know what I did wrong until 2.29, but we’re working in the right direction.”


“We are the strongest country in Europe”

This was said by Vidal President Stefano Mei “Impressed by the performance of these men”: All his words

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Boom in TV ratings for athletics

The display of Tampere, Patocleti, Sebellio and the other Azzurri at the European Athletics Championships glued millions of viewers to the screen: Record numbers


Record de Tampere

Tampere’s gold is worth 2.37, the same measure achieved at the Tokyo Olympics, on the unforgettable night of August 1, 2021, which led to the victory he shared with Barshim. Jimbo has not scaled these heights since. It is the long-awaited dedication. It is also a championship record held by Russia’s Silnov with 2.36 for 18 years. He heads to Paris, where he will aim for another historic achievement: the first to win two gold medals in the high jump.


Drums of hands in hair

Jimbo jokes (but not much) about the problems he had a year ago with the new villa: “It made me so angry…” Laws from The story of a big man, now the hero of everything, who allows himself without masks.


Tampere at the press conference

Here’s Jimbo. Soon, at 6pm, the European high jump champion (and current Olympic champion) will return to speak at a press conference. After winning gold last night at the European Athletics Championships in Rome, Tampere is now aiming for the Paris Olympics. Follow all his statements in real time.

Italian Athletics House, Rome

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