Mercedes EQB, the SUV becomes super technological I complete the transformation and surprise the price

Mercedes EQB, the SUV becomes super technological I complete the transformation and surprise the price

Beauty, elegance, power, absolute and all-round reliability: yesterday as today, Mercedes is a true guarantee at all levels. Then come the special editions not to be missed: which ones? Let’s find out.

Every so often events, presentations or new releases come to the world of four wheels who already know how to take center stage: however, few succeed as well as Mercedes EQB.

What car are we talking about? In particular, to give a more precise term, the neologism is discussed Mercedes EQB Tech Editionwhich is the latest found in Mercedes’ home.

From what point of view? In fact, not only from one point of view: the completely new version of Mercedes is a real gem innovation, Both auto and standard technology.

Indeed, referring to the peculiarity of its very name, we can say that EQB Tech versionNor is it among the Mercedes that learns to be astonished by its point of view the most technological.

EQB Tech: Mercedes Transformation Here’s how

A car with strong contents, this one is from the new car Special Edition: Which, above all, correspond directly and weighted to their own requirements customers. And not just chatting, on the contrary.

Mercedes- (motorzoom)

A clear example of this concept lies in the fact that, for one thing, the gift of this Mercedes EQB TECH Edition It is expected to be equipped, as standard, with an impressive new mix of high-tech gadgets.

a Innovative package very rich links and interaction web But not only. The interaction system features an advanced driver assistance mechanism.

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In addition, the relationship with the driver’s mobile phone will be complete with the system Smartphone integration Then the additional sign that allows you to recognize road signs. A resounding help, this.

Mercedes, EQB Tech: prices and news

there Mercedes In question, it also tempts a bit, in the almost impossible limit, in terms of aesthetics and colors: from Gray metallic to digital white Through blue or black denim.

Mercedes-1 Motorzoom

And again: file EQB TECH Edition is based on Sport and Premium modes: The base price of the EQB TECH Edition ranges from approx 60 thousand euros From the 250+ Sport, ai sixty-six thousand euros Almost 300 4MATIC Premium.

Thus, a new step forward for Mercedes also in terms of contrast and differentiation of offerings, which aims to develop a system of ‘interconnection’ not only digital but also structural with customersBecause as mentioned, many of the characteristics of this particular version originate from indications and research market carried out over time.

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