Superyacht: Pirates Attack German Shipyard

Superyacht: Pirates Attack German Shipyard

Superyacht: The famous German shipyard has been the victim of a powerful hacker attack. Here’s what happened.

If you think that only computer users should be afraid of hackers, then you are very wrong. Most of the objects we use are now electronically controlled, and often also via the network. New generation cars, for example, all use a system that is actually similar to a computer system. The same applies to other means of transportation that we use. Anything that runs through a computer system can be hacked.

Superyacht: hack attack on a German warehouse –

Violation of the vehicle’s security system can seriously damage its operation. So hackers can damage everything even from a distance. And this is exactly what happened recently in Germany, namely during the Easter holidays. A group of hackers decided to attack a luxury yacht warehouse in Germany. The warehouse is not chosen at random. attack victim Lucerne, one of the most famous yacht manufacturers in Germany. They made the largest yacht in the world, its length is 156 meters.

Super yacht: pirate attack in Lucerne, Germany

According to what was stated by the company’s president, the company would have immediately noticed the attack in progress, and would have implemented all necessary measures in case of danger, immediately alerting the relevant authorities.. As for why they chose this company, there is no certain information, but only speculation. What we do know is that inside the attacking bunker was one A yacht owned by a Russian oligarch. It is another way to indirectly attack Russia’s wealth.

Superyachts: here’s what happened in Germany –

There is no certainty about that. However, the damage was significant, and it also affected other vehicles owned by the German company. But what actually happens during a hacker attack? Once in the system, hackers breach the most important files, encrypt them and demand a huge reward for opening the files. A new way to attack the rich and ask them for money. Hackers usually choose to attack large empires. Just like the Robin Hoods of modern times, they are trying to redistribute some of the wealth that appears to be in the hands of very few people.

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Now everything is available on the Internet. Our sensitive data, our money, and also the data of people who seem light years away from us.

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