Car Battery: Lasts Twice As Long With This Trick The Mechanic Will Never Tell You | crazy

Car Battery: Lasts Twice As Long With This Trick The Mechanic Will Never Tell You |  crazy

Here’s a trick that will keep you off the ground and save you loads of money on your car battery. Let’s see what to do.

The car is truly indispensable in everyday life, and yet the many inconveniences, big and small, associated with this car can put us in difficulty. The car battery can only book us nasty surprises and they are important Find out how to make it last longer. On average, the battery life is 4 to 6 years. Obviously, these are the extreme values ​​that can vary a lot based on various factors.

With these tricks, your battery lasts longer –

the way we use the car, The kilometers we travel, the frequency at which we play it are all factors that affect the duration. But it is also important to understand that there are some tricks thanks to which battery life can be significantly increased. ongoing maintenance interventions And some regular check-ups can be really helpful.

Many items are under our control

Some factors affecting battery life can be easily controlled by the driver while others are beyond their control. First of all, the use of the car is important. If you use your vehicle extensively on long trips Or to carry heavy loads, you will further stress the battery and its life expectancy may decrease as a result. The use of electrical appliances is also a major factor. If you recharge your smartphone in your car and use it often stereo and air conditioner The battery will be under more pressure. Climate also matters. If the outside temperatures are too hot or too cold, their duration will be shorter.

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Heat is the enemy of the battery

Experts explain that heat is the most harmful. actually The intense heat causes it to evaporate The water in the cells drains more quickly and this can be a problem. Cold temperatures can lead to starting problems while high temperatures will reduce the life expectancy of this equipment.

Heat is the enemy of the battery and can put us in trouble –

It would be ideal to park the car inside to avoid high temperatures. It’s a good idea to check your car regularly Right after the summer. Indeed, during the summer the battery was exposed to extreme heat and it is best to check its condition. Obviously, build quality also matters. High-quality materials use better materials and thus resist heat better And in general at extreme temperatures.

Useful tricks to prevent it from downloading completely

This type of battery also has better resistance to prolonged voltages. If you use the car to take long trips and carry heavy loads, it would be better to spend more But buy a battery of a certain quality. But let’s see how to avoid downloading it altogether. One of the main causes of damage to this device is deep discharge.

It is important to avoid a complete download –

When we move, the engine acts as a generator and recharges the battery. However, if we use air conditioners or electrical appliances a lot, we can go to zero and get the full download. This event may or may not be sudden. Experts point out that if you plan to spend a lot of time listening to the radio with the car parked, it’s better anyway Move it every now and then In a way that allows these small movements to recharge.

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behaviors to avoid

Keeping your headlights on, listening to the radio, or even charging your cell phone with the engine off can drain it quickly. In other cases, the battery can reach a full discharge because there may have been build-up problems. If we notice that the warning lights or the lighting system seems to be weakening or even if the battery warning light comes on or if we have problems starting, it is best to have it checked.

We avoid these behaviors to make your battery last longer –

If the car is left unused for a long time as it sometimes happens to people of a certain age and they only use it on Sundays, it will be better to use them. custom charger. Simply connect the charger to the battery to achieve the correct charge. To extend battery life during the winter season, it is best to periodically check the charge level.

Increase battery life

Actually a battery with a little charge It can freeze if temperatures drop too low and becomes unusable. Especially if you live in areas where the temperature drops below zero, checks should be more frequent. Special attention must be reserved over the terminals to ensure there is no corrosion. Many do not know it but the so-called exists in the market Those responsible for freight maintenance.

They are devices that help keep the battery charged during periods of not being used. This way it will not be fully downloaded. But let’s see When it needs to be replaced. Even if we use all the precautions we have seen before and even if our battery is of remarkable quality, at some point it will be necessary to replace it and let’s see what the symptoms of this are. The first symptom may be difficulty starting the engine. Another warning bell is the start-stop system beeping softly and softly.

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If the car accessories like Air conditioning system not working properly, it is time for replacement. Special attention should be paid to signs of battery deformation and electrolyte leakage. If there are signs of this kind, the battery probably needs to be repaired or replaced altogether.

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