Zanetti: “With Benfica is a great opportunity. It’s difficult to explain the performance in Serie A and Lukaku…”

Zanetti: “With Benfica is a great opportunity. It’s difficult to explain the performance in Serie A and Lukaku…”

Inter’s vice-president spoke to Dazin: “Even Inzaghi knows that performing in Serie A is not enough. There are 8 days to change this trend. But now let’s focus on tomorrow night: it’s a great opportunity.”

Javier Zanetti spoke to Dozen about his Inter moment. The vice-president of the Nerazzurri, who attended an event in Sardinia, explained: “Despite some difficulties in the championship – he said – I am always positive and confident. On Wednesday (tomorrow, ed.) we have a great opportunity and we must try to exploit it. It is difficult to find an explanation for the different performance that The team has presented it in the league and the Champions League. We (managers, editors) also ask ourselves these kinds of questions. Now, however, the key thing is for all to be united in the face of this opportunity that we will have in the Champions League against Benfica. “What can I say about the fans? Thank you for supporting us and always being close to us. We can all reach this semi-final. The final we’ve been missing for some time. Hopefully the team will respond on the field.”

Summit, Romelu and Inzaghi

Zanetti also spoke about the double summit on Saturday night in Meazza and Sunday in Pinetina: “We always talk, even if I want to do it with a clear mind, the day after the match. Certain comparisons are used to try to consolidate and help each other in moments of difficulty. Inzaghi is on the bench.” “The substitutes? He’s always shown great professionalism. He understands that performing in the league is not enough for the value of the team at his disposal. Now there’s a Champions League semi-final to conquer and then we’ll play the last 8 league games and the second leg of the Coppa Italia to change that trend.” Finalist on Lukaku: “Romelu had this long injury that hit hard on a player with his characteristics: It’s difficult to recover after certain stops if you have a certain body type… In some moments we saw the Lukaku we know again, but in any case we are close to him.” “The decisive matches await us, where he can be decisive. He must have peace of mind: I understand his moment and only he can get out of it.”

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