Mercedes E SW test, technical data sheet, opinions and dimensions 220d AMG Line 4Matic 9G-Tronic

Mercedes E SW test, technical data sheet, opinions and dimensions 220d AMG Line 4Matic 9G-Tronic

Family elegance

Like a new four-door sedan Mercedes E-Class station wagon It has a more aggressive and streamlined look than the car it replaces. The two thin ribs running along the side (one just below the window line, the other at the bottom) give shape Fun dynamic To the appearance which, thanks to the narrow and recessed rear window, winks to the appearance of sports station wagons, the so-called shooting brake.

the trunk? Cross and joy

The pointed back didn't make much of an impression Box from Mercedes E-Class station wagonwhich has a capacity of 615 litres Each sofa used (25 less than the previous model) remains a reference for this category. However, this only applies to models with mild hybrid engines such as the 220 da Four-wheel drive From our test. The most powerful and flexible plug-in versions, which promise only one hundred kilometers of electric travel, pay for the maximum battery with a capacity of 25.4 kWh that powers the 129 hp electric motor: it is located under the load floor and occupies the double bottom and reduces the height of the main cabin by about ten centimeters: in total 155 liters are lost. The room, completely lined with thick carpet, has a very regular shape and there is no shortage of practical solutions such as storage nets and bag hooks in the walls. The three-part reclining backrest is comfortable.

Comfortable sofa suitable for four people

On either side of the sofa, in Mercedes E-Class station wagon You travel very comfortably and “first class”; The soft leather upholstery is really pleasant to the touch (optional at €2,800). Thanks to a wheelbase that's about two centimeters longer than the old model, there's more legroom, even for the tallest, but the feet of those sitting in the middle have to contend with the bulk of the massive, high central tunnel. very comfortable The ones that are encapsulated Chairs The front seats, which are heated and ventilated as standard, have electric backrest and cushion adjustment. However, to move the seats forward and back, you have to pull a lever that protrudes under the seat.

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With payment, the dashboard is “full screen”

Modern and elegant, Dashboard It is decorated with ambient lights which, in addition to creating atmosphere, add a fun, high-tech touch to the luxury Passenger compartment: They extend to the top of the door panels and can also “dance” to the beat of the music (hi-fi sound from specialist Burmester, as standard, is powerful and clear). the Multimedia system It has responsive and attractive touchscreen graphics, with various menu icons similar to those found on smartphones making it easy to use. Add €1,818 to the list price to get the amazing view Transparent glass Full-width with a dedicated screen for the passenger, who can manage the full gamut of on-board services and, if desired, watch a movie using the attached headphones without disturbing or distracting the driver, thanks to the darkened side vision. They can distract from driving Touch buttons On the steering wheel speaker: In particular, being consistent with the plastic panel it contains, those for managing the dashboard menus and volume are not immediately recognizable by touch. The handbrake button is also impractical, as it is almost hidden at the bottom of the dashboard, to the left of the steering wheel, and therefore cannot be reached by passengers in emergency situations.

He drives well and drinks little

With a power of 197 hp Mercedes E-Class station wagon On our test it's the least powerful of the bunch, but it delivers full, 'round' traction from low revs, punctuated by the almost imperceptible gear changes of the quick and smooth nine-speed automatic. Another advantage of Diesel 2.0 is that Makes himself feel a little: Its sound is only heard during the most decisive acceleration, and in a dampened way thanks to the correct sound insulation in the passenger compartment, where aerodynamic noise does not seep in even at maximum speeds. It also looks promising consumption: For the type of car and given the all-wheel drive type traction that always attracts, the “official” average (19.2 km/l) is very respectable, and judging by the average of over 17.5 km/L was detected From the computer on the highway, where the main part of our testing was done, it seemed reasonable to us. the Adaptive cruise control system The lane centering is generally well calibrated (even if the car is very careful when slowing down and sometimes accelerating suddenly) and allows the car to drive almost on its own (you still have to keep your hands on the wheel), but it is part of an expensive package (€2,605 ).

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He's not clumsy at all, but if he could turn back too…

Among the accessories upon request we would not have missed it Suspension with air springs: It costs 1,830 euros, but it improves the absorption of bumps and potholes, albeit serviceable, which also allows you to maintain a compound body of the car even when traveling with a full load. Unlike the sedan, however, in Mercedes E-Class station wagon It is not combined with the rear axle for steering: the car is still fairly agile (at least in relation to its size and volume, which are certainly not unimportant, given that the tips of the scale exceed two tons) and the four is always in gears All-wheel drive is synonymous with safety even on slippery surfaces But maneuvering in tight spaces will undoubtedly be easier.

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