In the video we see the Scumm tape reconstructed using ray tracing –

In the video we see the Scumm tape reconstructed using ray tracing –

The Scumm Bar It is definitely one of the most famous places in graphic adventure Monkey Island Secretwhich we’ll likely see again in the new return to Monkey Island, so you’ll be glad to see it rebuilt. ray tracing.

To perform this feat were the same remakes of Raytracing for Shadow Moses, the base on which Metal Gear Solid was set.

The video is interesting because it shows the workmanship of the work, from the map drawn on paper to the actual completion. The score is great and brings out the atmosphere of the original game very well.

Naturally, the idea to create a 3D Scumm strip with cell shading and ray tracing came to duo Gioco con il lo loo after announcing their return to Monkey Island:

A new chapter of Monkey Island has been announced, and between hype and fear, we wondered what the modern Secret of Monkey Island would look like, with all the latest graphics engine technologies. So we decided to imagine a Scumm bar in Cel Shading, a style that seems appropriate for Monkey Island, but not give up on Ray’s real-time tracking. We both like Monkey Island and thought it appropriate to honor the famous Lucas Arts title without leaving out any details!
We hope that the new chapter of Monkey Island will amount to a series of titles that profoundly changed the style of graphic adventure and video games in general!

what I say? Great job, but shame on those slippers…

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