New start menu layout

New start menu layout

as it's known, Windows 11 It's a work in progress: Among the new features currently being tested that Microsoft could choose to release to everyone in the future is one related to Planning Unpublished for Start menu. It has appeared in OS build 22635.3420, and is available to Insiders in the Beta channel.

The user was the first to announce this Phantom Ocean 3 on X, with a post from which we took the screenshot attached below. there Grill Displays All application icons It is installed and is displayed after clicking the “All” button (“All applications” in the English version) located at the top right.

This layout is similar to those traditionally used in the field Moving On smartphones. It makes smarter and optimized use of available screen space, so those who are active on laptops can especially benefit from it. Today, we remember, it's just about listing apps in alphabetical order, arranging them vertically and creating a long list to scroll through.

File Explorer: Drag and drop returns

This isn't the only new feature being tested for Windows 11. There's also a feature that introduces (or rather, reintroduces) support for Windows 11. Drag and drop in the address bar File explorer. In this case, it is a return: the function was already present in the past, until it was removed with the arrival of the Moment 4 update for Windows 11 23H2.

It can be useful for Transfer files quickly From one folder to another, without having to open the destination directory, simply by dragging the item.

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In this regard, those who have a computer that is not quite modern continue to experiment Slowdown and sub-optimal performance In using File Explorer on W11. According to the site's editorial staff WindowsLatestMicrosoft is aware of the issue and is working to resolve it using a patch included in future updates.

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