Mercedes SL 55 Tribute Edition, an exclusive roadster only for Italy!

Mercedes SL 55 Tribute Edition, an exclusive roadster only for Italy!

There is a new super exclusive roadster dedicated to Italian motorists, called the Mercedes SL 55 Tribute Edition!

Mercedes SL 55 Tribute Edition, which is the name that will be, and that is already history; An (exotic) Italian story…in a small group of lovers luxury engines, there is an acronym beloved, and almost beloved, by all followers of the circle. An abbreviation, always if it can be defined that way, that marked a very long season the cars Initiated since 1952, which has been renewed in recent days to become a new development dedicated exclusively to Italy. that it’Special and limited edition, the very limited edition, which sent even the most ardent bidders into a panic. The reason for this panic rests exclusively on the fact that this latest generation of SL, sports And Licht (“lightness” translated into Italian), only 55 units were made. The Made in Germany tradition continues and has no intention of stopping; At least here in Italy … Here is the Mercedes SL 55 Tribute Edition!

Everyone wants it but there are very few Mercedes SL 55 Tribute Editions out there…

Mercedes SL55

seventy or better than seventy-one; That’s how many candles the legendary Mercedes-Benz SL has fired, and not just one carbut a true stylistic icon a four wheels It has already gone down in history as one of the highest points ever reachedthe cars. permanent synonym for eleganceAnd revision And Sportsmanship. Over the years, in the many years of his career, this model has managed to gather thousands, not even millions, of enthusiasts across the ancient continent; And not just…

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And so 2023 becomes a pivotal year for this icon ofGerman carsbasic general above all, exclusive right, for i motorized Italian ; Or better for some, some are a few motorized Italians.

He is, in fact, one Very limited edition of the legendary Roadsters Stuttgart. A reference point for each individual sports car Ever since 1952, a true timeless icon that has been reinvented over the years, projecting itself into the future with its heart always turned to its heritage.

And its heritage in this case responds to the (legendary) name 300 SL. Indeed, the latest Mercedes SL 55 Tribute Edition casts a beautiful eye on this iconic model. Paying homage to her with dramatic color references and an exclusive setting that underscores her uniqueness, this Manufaktur features, as we say in German, the ultimate expression of the star’s personalization.

Be that as it may, the Stuttgart House, with its limited edition, which will be analyzed on the tour shortly, is renewing its very close ties with Bill Pais. As already foreseen, in fact, the Mercedes SL 55 Tribute Edition is nothing more than a special edition in a limited edition of only 55 (of course) dedicated exclusively to market ItalianAnd above all to its streets.

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Beautiful like never before and always very athletic and sporty. The new car returns to its traditions

Mercedes-Benz SL

Bella is always beautiful and strong but above all creative (really). The aesthetic of this car has no secrets. In short, one look is enough to understand that we are dealing with one of the most refined and tasteful SUV models ever seen in the history of the automotive industry; We assure you that no exaggeration of coincidence is used in these words.

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On an aesthetic level, what is most striking, in addition to the SL 55 Tribute Edition’s unmistakable profile, are the two different rims that the respective model has been denied. This is the stunning Argento High-Tech Magno and the very elegant Blu Costa d’Azur; The latter color, both in its nuances and in the name, tends to recall the Italian Dolce Vita.

The interior of this car for Italian motorists is also impressive. In fact, the passenger compartment of the new Special (and Limited) Edition is upholstered in exquisite Nappa leather dyed in yacht blue and classic red.

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“Given the success of the new SL – said Paola Ardello, Director of Product Management at Mercedes-Benz Italy – which we have already presented in 43 and 63 engines, we wanted to present the 55 with a product concept that speaks directly to the heart of our most enthusiastic customers, offering them a unique limited edition with exciting references to the origins of this model”.

Regarding, however, the choice of engines for the Mercedes SL 55 Tribute Edition; In this case, the 476-hp V8 4.0 is introduced in the Italian SL range, the engine that joins the 585-hp 63 AMG and the 381-hp 43 AMG. Prices, not yet announced, should exceed €210,000 for the 63 AMG.

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