Fiorentina wins and Turku is expelled

Fiorentina wins and Turku is expelled

Bad stop for Juventus spring there is chance Fiorentina. At Viola Park, the Bianconeri lost by a goal Baroncelli With a header left alone in the middle of the penalty area. After a lackluster first half with very few chances, the second half was more entertaining with quick transitions and movements. Finocchiaro He managed to inject some life into Juventus' attack and it was he who had a chance with his right foot. But the Viola team leads with ten players against the number 4, well done Sini To slide to the right a Bagnoko And the placement of the cross is precise and interesting. In the final, Juventus tries everything, but with the expulsion Turku – Total Warnings – Failure to create risks in an area Tognity. Missed opportunity for Montero And his sons to get closer to the qualifying area.

Fiorentina and Juve Primavera live stream

95' – Ends here at Viola Park!
Fiorentina beats Juventus with a Baroncelli goal.

92' – Juventus at ten!
Torco makes a bad intervention on his opponent, first yellow and then red. The Bianconeri were outnumbered in this final.

90' – Five minutes of stoppage time.

86' – Double substitution for Fiorentina!
Vitolo and Balbo on the inside, Rubino and Cabrini on the outside.

85' – Change for Juve!
Montero comes out and Grillaud comes in.

79' – Fiorentina goal!
Ceni flies to the right and crosses into the middle towards Baroncelli, who heads to Vinarcik.

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74' – Dangerous Bagnoko!
The winger continues the ball again and tries to shoot from the edge, and Toniatti has no problem blocking the ball.

70' – Chance Fiorentina!
More difficult to spot than a beautiful cross to Cabrini heading towards goal and Vinarcik outdoes himself. The referee stops everything because there is an offside Viola player.

68' – One substitution for each side!
Infantino comes out and comes in strong for Fiorentina. At Juventus, Sardoc is inside Lubugno.

63' – Double substitution for Juve!
Uso and Finocchiaro enter, and Crabsto and Mazur come out.

60' – Chance Fiorentina!
Ceni puts it in the middle for Robinho, who shoots from a good position with his right, but in the middle.

58' – Robinho is booked!
A Fiorentina player moves inside the area to look for a penalty kick and the referee warns him of a yellow card. Excellent management by the race director, very close to the action.

57' – Ceni tries!
The Fiorentina striker shoots the ball, but Vinarcic saves it.

52' – Juventus raises its center of gravity!

50' – The second half is so far the same as the first half.

46' – The second half has begun.
No changes to the coaches.


45' – End of the first half at Viola Park!

44' – Turkish reservation!
The Juventus winger is naive and loses the ball and then blocks his opponent.

40' – Fiorentina's chance!
Robinho shoots with his right foot from outside the area, and the ball ends up outside Venarcik's goal.

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35' – The pace picks up at Viola Park!

32' – Fiorentina appears!
Ceni, with the help of Prachi, flies towards the goal and shoots from a tight angle, and Venarcik saves him.

30' – Infantino alarm!
The midfielder born in 2003 for Fiorentina comes into chaos on Turco who remains on the ground in pain.

26' – Dangerous Crabsto!
The attacking Juventus midfielder shoots with his left foot, and the ball ends up wide of the goal.

23' – Chance for Juventus!
Bugno goes for a shot, Biaggetti deflects the ball and it ends up in the corner.

19' – Punch booked!
The first yellow for the protest meeting. The Juventus striker falls inside the penalty area and demands a penalty kick that the referee did not award.

15'- Currently little vibes and nice tunes so far!

12' – Juve's defensive phase has been excellent so far!
Fiorentina keep possession, but the Bianconeri do not leave space for their opponents.

9' – Si Prova Mazur!
The Pole shoots a ball very high with his right foot.

Minute 5 – Juve's first chance!
Floria tries with a right ball in the middle and Tognetti saves.

1' – The match started at Viola Park.

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