France is ready to ban disposable “vapes” – the last hour

France is ready to ban disposable “vapes” – the last hour

After Germany, Australia and New Zealand, disposable vaporizers will be banned in France as part of a national anti-smoking plan. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne told RTL radio that the government would “soon present a new national plan to combat smoking by banning disposable electronic cigarettes, in particular the famous ‘puff’ which causes bad habits in young people”. .

The French government is finalizing the 2024 budget with a broader plan to curb smoking, which Bourne says kills 75,000 people a year in the country.

He said the plan does not include a further increase in taxes on cigarettes, but adds: “It does not mean that we are not vigilant about tobacco consumption.”

Its main concern is disposable electronic cigarettes, known as “puffs” which it says are the gateway to smoking. It is feared that flavors such as frozen desserts, marshmallows and chewing gum, which are reminiscent of childhood sweets at a relatively modest price of between 8 and 12 euros, may be aimed at teenagers.

Many European countries are also considering banning them.

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