PS5, how many games are in development at PlayStation Studios? Leak reveals it –

how many games for every PS5 Currently in development by teams that are part of PlayStation Studios? Leaker Foxy revealed the number of projects assigned to each of Sony’s first-party studios.

  • Guerrilla games = 3 games
  • Insomniac = 3 games
  • Suckerpunch = 2 jiuchi
  • Sonny Santa Monica = 2 games
  • naughty dog ​​= 2 jiuchi
  • dot chart = 2 geuchi
  • Housemarque = one game
  • London studio = 1 game
  • Sony Bend = 1 game
  • Pixelopus = one game
  • Sony San Mateo = 1 game
  • Japan studio (Asobi) = 1 game

Playstation studios, official artwork

Of course we know gang war games It’s working on Horizon Forbidden West, slated for release on February 18, but it’s not known what two other projects, according to Foxy, are currently in the pipeline in the development team.

regarding Insomniac GamesThe studio is working on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which has been defined as massive by Venom, and on Marvel’s Wolverine, which was introduced in September, but a third title is still shrouded in mystery, according to Monk.

words very similar to Santa Monica studio, which makes God of War Ragnarok, probably on September 30, 2022, and possibly a second game we know nothing about, provided Foxy’s roster is correct.

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