The new BMW 5 Series: luxurious restyling and incredible technology just to look at

The new BMW 5 Series: luxurious restyling and incredible technology just to look at

The completely revamped 5 Series, the top model in BMW history, not only brings the all-electric model, the i5, to the market. Revolutionary, bold and ready to change your expectations of what a sedan should be

More dynamic than ever, Rich B digital innovations And for the first time, it is also available in the variator in full electrical: This is how the new changes BMW 5 Series.

with the swing electric i5the new generation of business sedan The world’s most successful company is taking the lead on the path of sustainable premium mobility in the automotive sector medium-high range.

The new 5 Series features a design language that strikes a perfect balance Elegance and sportiness, with a subtle yet surprising twist that will take your breath away. with more than five metres Loaded with unprecedented technology, the new model features an innovative design, while maintaining a connection to the historic heritage of the 5 Series.

the Market launch Who’s new BMW 5 Series It will start in a month October this yearwhen this new generation of models is introduced worldwide with All electric traction And depending on the market area, also with Electric hybrid systems And high-efficiency engines, then engines A Gas And diesel including Mild hybrid technology With a voltage of 48 volts, the new fifth series opens with the model 520i sDriveStrongly 208 hp Available at an initial price of 66,800 euros.

Features and technology

Like all previous generations of the new model BMW 5 Series BerlinA It is produced in a factory The BMW Group in Dingolfingwhere electric motors and electric motors are also produced high voltage batteries that equip BMW i5. The unmistakable oval grille is not placed vertically, but is greatly enlarged. It is wider, bulkier, prominent and with more angular features, and it is possible to choose to highlight it. True to tradition, the interior is distinguished by black vertical stripes.

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The cockpit of the new BMW 5 Series has significantly fewer buttons and controls than the previous model. the new Series 5 he have Contemporary design It comes with sports seats as standard.

Also, interiors include coatings which do not contain leather of animal origin and are in fact the first to be used as a standard The interior is vegan. The entire digital display system consists of a coil an offer To get driving information from 12.3 inches and offer to14.9 inches infotainment.

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