Events for the weekend 27 – 29 January in and around Brescia: what to do on Saturday and Sunday

Events for the weekend 27 – 29 January in and around Brescia: what to do on Saturday and Sunday

The festive weekend starts at this time a day early: in fact, the traditional festivals take place on Fridays in Brescia Saint Angela Merisi Gallery. The event will take place via Gezio Calini and via Francesco Crispi: 60 stalls will be placed selling clothes, shoes, household items, food products and much more. In the city, too, appointment continues with scheduled exhibitions and appointments at the Civic Museums, from “Lion CityIn Santa Julia’sThree personal photos“, a magnificent staging specially designed for the Pinacoteca Tosio Martinengo, about the genius of the artist Giacomo Ceruti. However, in Mo.Ca. in the Palazzo Martinengo, the exhibition”Ukrainian War Chronicles. Pictures from 2014 to 2022By Francesca Volpi, a photographic exhibition of 50 works selected by the photojournalist: poignant snapshots, snapshots that capture moments, imperceptibles and poignant sensations from 8 years of war.

Many musical and theatrical appointments in the province: dialect comedy is scheduled at Arbosco’Some “things” you have to know how to do“In Castegnato they sing with”Mariano’s one-man band acoustic showduring the concert.Wooden mirrors“, a rock band hosted at Circolino Yuppi Du. There are also many exhibitions: not to be missed”Regional militias, gun makers and good“In the enchanting Padernello Castle, an appointment is part of the initiatives of ‘Bergamo Brescia, Capital of Italian Culture’. The works of Domenico Parigi are shown at the Arsenale Foundation in Iseo, for the exhibition called”brûlures. burnsBy Domenico Paregi, a prominent figure in the Lombard art scene since the late 1970s.

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As for the palate (which always wants its share), the traditional gastronomic circle is called “Purcell berries“, which sees “His Majesty” pork as the protagonist of the menus of the 12 restaurants participating in the initiative. There are many signature dishes that you can taste: roast pork, ribs with Groppello, rice with pesto and saffron sauce, os de Stòmec and more much.

The full list of events is available on our page.What are you doing in townBut – like every week – we have selected the best of them especially for you: here are our picks, and Happy New Year everyone!

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