Men and women: Shea’s opinion in episode 8/11/21

Mamma Mia, how cool are those episodes where you show all the muddy burkatodin stagnating to people elius, as the detergent inside is clearly itchy, how wonderful!

in wine men and women Like those in progress, where the joys are few and the ships are fewer, episodes like Today are without a doubt my favourite, chevvvelodicoafffa. A good bull that gives horns to other bulls without the slightest bit of shame. People with rays in their eyes, who are waiting for someone with straws to tell a lie, stand as a judge on the beams in the eyes of others. Elements completely devoid of any virtue appear (on their own) to be a benefactor.

This is the case Biagio di MaroIt is better to weep more diligently than his majesty than dry weeping Gemma Galgani, pretends to take off a Unbearable The weight off his stomach that didn’t make him feel comfortable and also prevented him from speaking (Ah, it was all because of the rock on his stomach then? Without that he’s such a good talker now?) and–albeit reluctantly of course, because”Gentleman(Previous source) – He gave us a detailed description of how much all the dinner parties with the last women who attended on the show cost us.

And while he, the man who tells himself to be gracious, asserts that he has brought them all to “Best restaurants“, with the”The best bottles“And he always pays it (400-600 euros per lady, not pizza and figs… he pays that too”)55 euros each’, by the way!), the ladies spat on him to highlight the illicit trade in mozzarella he made with the waiters of the hotels in which he stays, and reveal how he turns to the editorial office the receipts he finds on the floor at the petrol distributors being repaid.

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Men and women: Shea's opinion in episode 8/11/21

Ma Biagio He didn’t want to blame anything, eh, poor thing he wanted to show how mercilessly women exploit him. And no, he definitely didn’t worry about it because he was disappointed that he hadn’t built any lasting history with them, let alone that. Self “I suffer, I suffer on the inside and I suffer a lot“It’s more than that because it’s up to him to unpack all the sti money, the bora star, but they – petty – didn’t give it to him until then.

How do you not answer too much? impartial Generosity with the same generosity? That is, he pays you 140 euros for each “Let’s say a land restaurant has huge steaks“(Not for bravery, but just to earn after supper) And you, in the pretext of the beard, are you missing a lemon? But I think he’s upset, then!

Biagio It is more and more like like Armando Encarnato (Which of course , “I’m proud of that in some ways“), at this point. He also completes himself like his friend now. And yes, he will be”shabby and shameful“As much as you’d like, but the women he’s dated haven’t outgrown, let’s face it.

why is that rosy that gave him some todaybe unclean It’s the same thing that happened to the phenomenon just a few episodes ago Sarah Zelly because “You can see that love didn’t happen to you“. Is that Daniela She was not the one who did not listen to those who warned her about her Biagio because “The advice of a good friend is not always listened to, I want to try it with my head, when the tears come we will think about it“?

Hear him sayIgnorant I won’t let you, because I’m not ignorant“It’s almost Hanan (and I – having heard”I paid a goat“,”Lady if you have the courage to speak“,”created in love“NS”If I don’t like it“- every time I risk a neuron breakdown), but this Biagio He is “A very ignorant person can’t even form a correct sentenceYou don’t need to go out together to find out. If you’re consciously looking for it, it’s part of your cabbage, to some extent.

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Biagio For its part it’s still pretty bad, sure. But he does not miss much to hide, because he revealed today that the real problem, for him, is that “I take them to dinner, they dream with me and also dream a lot, but then when the moment arrives, they all have a problem“. Tina Cibulari He even tried to ask himWell, I paid for all these dinners, but what did I give him emotionally?‘But he (of course) answered,’And what is more than required?Because when he saysI want love I want a woman to share loveIt just means that loveAnd not noodles.

That if he was looking for passion, de love, there was Sarah Zelly Who gave him handfuls. Complete package with you. I understand too”The Biagio Which is. Ma I wonder why It didn’t go well anyway. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

As for the throne Andrea Nicole Conti I must admit, in spite of myself, that all the enthusiasm I had at first wanes. And quickly too. Even the TV series, which were written by nature, managed to get me more passionate about ships in the service, and I’ve said it all. But perhaps the reason is that they behave better in these.

I don’t know which one to look at Maria de Filippi, but I this cyprien aftm Even impatiently over the choice I did not see him, on the contrary. Not only did he saychoose me“ma”choose you‘, which already seems very different to me. But then it seemed to me that it noisily began to pave the way for the dangers, nonetheless”You confirmed all the doubts I had during the week, in my opinion you see me not only in terms of the aesthetic part, but in the way you open yourself up. Alessandro It’s not the same as what you have with me“?

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Not to mention – arguing”I don’t want to give you satisfaction“- The”What do you hear?“From tronista responded with very cringissimo”I love you a lot‘I miss a lot of misery in elementary school. But if at least chosen, he can still say’I never told you I fell in love“.

If he said that too Ida Platano (What am I waiting for at the gate? DiegoThe problem is that there is no problem bishop…) which – which “I see them well together“The sole seems reassuring to me, I tell you.

Video from the episode: full betIda and Diego: Take the kissBiagio and complaints from the ladiesBiagio: “I feel taken advantage of by the women I’ve dated…”Antonio: “Biagio is a gentleman who does not act like that…”Armando: “Biagio is right about Rosie, Isabella and…”Gianni: “You want equality between men and women and then …”Alessandro: If you have any doubts about me…”Exterior by Andrea Nicholl and CyprienAndrea Nicholl: “Cyprien, how do you feel about me?”

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