Invitation to the Science Festival in Porto-Vecchio | sum up

The Conservatoire d’Espaces Naturels Corse invites you this Tuesday, 9 November, to the Animation Room, the media library in Portivechju from 17:30 to come and discover the island’s biodiversity.

In the program, a conference for the discovery of the secret and emblematic species of our nights: bats, the Corsican Chiroptera Group allows you to learn about the only flying mammal from 18:00 to 18:45.

Conference on the oldest reptiles in the world! Hermann’s tortoise will have no other secrets. A presentation by the Conservatoire of Natural Spaces in Corsica to discover this emblematic species, one of the most endangered reptiles in the world. From 18:50 to 19:30
And at the end of the evening, a conference on “Protected species in Corsica: stakes and regulatory tools”, without regulation there can be no protection of nature, DREAL of Corsica will be able to introduce you to the regulations for protected species 7: from 30 to 20

The specialists present, during moments of confrontation and comparison, will allow you to answer your questions about the types of carrots. Why are some species threatened with extinction? How and why do you protect them?

A fun educational workshop on LE MILAN ROYAL – U Filanciu for the little ones will also be offered from 17:30 to 20 – for the conservation of the emblematic and protected species of the skies of Corsica – MILVUS Life Program
Corsican bird of prey observation and identification game, coloring pages, participatory scientific guide.

Space/site information on the protection of Corsica’s natural environments and species (fauna and flora) within napas of Hermann’s tortoise, kite red kite, red averla, European systud, green toad, velveti selinus and curly pogloossi.

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The activities were carried out as part of the Science Festival in cooperation with the Collectivité De Corse and the Province of Corsica. Thank you to the Municipality of Porto-Vecchio for making available Mediateca / Sala Animu
Health permit and mask required – free entry

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