A heated clash between Wilma Goesch and Oriana Marzoli – VIP Big Brother

A heated clash between Wilma Goesch and Oriana Marzoli – VIP Big Brother

The new VIP week begins with the morning fight. Annoyed by her roommates’ poor cooperation, Wilma He didn’t hold back his anger and immediately lunged at him OrianaThe singer accuses the influencer of not putting the plate used for breakfast in the sink.

“It wasn’t my class” screamed Oriana who, after admitting that she was not responsible, tried to explain who was guilty pleasant.

Unconvinced by her roommate’s account, Wilma at this point tries to investigate to find the culprit. Oriana ate there. He says addressing the other VIP and adds “This morning I took a shower even though it wasn’t my turn.” Upset at the influencer’s lack of cooperation, she also exclaims: “You never wash your dishes.”

Oriana still does not accept Wilma’s accusations: in fact, the VIP tries to explain to her that – in addition to not being found guilty – she has been waiting to pick up the detergent and finish breakfast so she can clean everything up.

Interfering with discourse is also Patricia who, being willing to make some order, concludes: Everyone washes themselves in the morning..

At this point Oriana decided to go out into the yard so she could let off steam Onitsine. “I’m tired of her screaming” she exclaimed, tired of Wilma’s attitude, she concluded “She always takes it upon me.”.

The altruist stands up for his partner and, in agreement with her, believes that the singer should try to be patient.

After this heated confrontation, how will the VIP day continue?

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