Where were you this summer? we didn’t see you

Where were you this summer?  we didn’t see you

During the Partita del Cuore, live on Rai2, Simona Ventura throws a punch at Francesco Totti asking him where he spent the summer and adding: “We haven’t seen you at all.”

Prime time on Rai2 heart match Which witnesses the clash of national singers and the charity team, this year sees the formation of Italian artists an exceptional player on the field, it revolves around Francesco Totti. In fact, the former Roma captain did not hold back from participating in the charity event, but the first shot he encountered was not from the opposing team, but from the opposing team. Simona Venturaevening host.

Simona Ventura’s kick against Francesco Totti

The name Francesco Totti has filled the last couple of months and still fills the pages of the following gossip columns Breaking up with Elari Blasey. The news captured the attention of an interested public with every development and background hiding behind the breakup of one of Italy’s most popular couples. He rode the wave of gossip, therefore, Simona Ventura did not hesitate to open the connection with the commentators who commented on the match, to ask a rather scathing question to the former champion. In fact, the presenter asks him with a smile: “Francesco, but out of curiosity, where have you been this summer? We didn’t really see you,” Totti replies with a hint of shy laughter. “Oh, I was in my house, as always in sabbath.”

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Summer of Totti after breaking up with Elari Blasey

A complete hit from Simona Ventura which, in fact, relies heavily on the news that has emerged in these hot summer months. If Elari Plassey documented, albeit sporadically, his movements, from Tanzania to Sabadia, up to the mountain, there was no trace of the Roman hero except for some photographers on the Lazio coast, where he spent his vacation years with his counterpart. family. Meanwhile, more began to appear Secession agreement detailsAs a result, Totti can be seen in public with Noemi Bocchi, although some paparazzi have Already caught together In the past few weeks.

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