Men and women treason is very serious

Men and women treason is very serious
Maria De Felipe (Image by Mediaset Infinity) –

Humble news associated with the dating show Men and Women: Fans are disappointed at what happened, the betrayal runs deep, and there is nothing left.

It’s hard for fans of the most popular Italian dating show of all time to comprehend the news of the accident. thanks for the Maria Devilipiwhich leads him from the beginning, and to skill Editorial board From the program, male and female spectators were always happy to help out with the overall sheer courtship, and rejoice when some couples kept going over time.

Unfortunately this time the link to the program men and women It is not in this case synonymous with good news: in fact we are talking about a betrayal confirmed by the person concerned, which led to break Seemingly final.

The unfortunate protagonist of Truth is a former suitor and tronista of men and women Julia Cavaliawho the public has become so fond of thanks to his initial melting armor which he displays in the flirtation of the tronista Lorenzo Riccardiwho preferred another suitor.

that it betrayal Right off the show, which obviously didn’t bring her much luck: Cavaglia was, too cheated by her boyfriendwho also became famous thanks to a TV show, specifically a talent show.

The mysterious Julia traitor

It is one of the competitors Masterchef Italy 11is the program that unfolds in a series of tests where the contestants must show their artistic and creative skills in the kitchen.

In fact, Julia Cavaglia has been linked to Federico Chimery: the two seemed so in love, that Cavaglia allowed herself to help him realize his dream of a open a restaurant in Milan.

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Julia Cavalia
Giulia Cavaglia (Instagram profile photo) –

From airport scams to emotional scams

Recently, Julia Cavaglia has been at the center of a media storm over her reaction to the politics of a Airline: The flight attendants refused to let her board the plane because the influencer showed up at the gate a few minutes late. Julia Video Visibly angryhad become diffuse.

It was better to remain light-hearted when reporting to the airline, than to have to bring up a bad story like that of a partner’s infidelity. Julia wrote a few lines summarizing what happened: “I just found out my boyfriend is cheating on me. So yeah, we broke up. I would like to have some questions about what happened.”.

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