Men and women: Shea’s opinion in episode 22/11/21

Very cool Maria de Filippi when trying reality baffling (cit) To muddy things up a bit and create a little noise around the file classic throne. It is very unfortunate that things are really more than clear. And no, I don’t think they’re going as you say, that’s it.

Alessandro Verdolini NS cyprien aftm they’ll even be”Under” from Andrea Nicole ContiIn his opinion? but where? Since when before all? But if one is more fake than the other, I don’t miss half a chance to remind us!

I don’t know if Queen Mary And I’m watching the same program, eh, maybe from recording to editing they cut out the essential parts that justify his words. but in episodes men and women I saw the only thing that matches Fu today is the selective silence of itbeautiful little angel (cit) di syriani.

who – which Andrea Nicholl She has a demanding character, she herself admits this. We have seen from the beginning that he finds no difficulty in carrying out a dialectical confrontation, and that he is able to argue point by point steadily. but unlike Gianni Sperti who thinks soEven the sentences he says how he phrased them… scares them!‘, I see a girl who simply knows how to express herself in correct Italian (which I understand there is almost a mirage, for heaven’s sake) and – despite her penchant for Avtim Be clear from the mo – it doesn’t tangle easily. Or at least try, come on, we appreciate at least trying.

For two months, in my opinion, it was very restorative in the face of the complete absence of reactions from these two people, who remained crouched there no matter what. Whether the tronista opened up with her rival, recounting intimate and painful details of her past, whether she physically approached him or kissed him, they were there, in their hieratic attitude. motionless as gnomes, unemotional as no facsimile in the face of a flag.

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Today, always with elegance that distinguishes it, Nicole Finally, they emphasized the complete nonsense of their behavior. syriani which – which”He has not come nor intends to come anymoreAfter I just told her credibility Love is in front of everyone just because she went out to talk to him Alessandro who left the studio. You are out talking. I mean, this guy didn’t even react to lemons Verdolini Mo wants us to believe that two words with him behind the scenes are “disrespect“.

he said okay Nicole. If she rose while he was announcing to her credibility Love maybe yes, the annoyance was there. But their moment was over, he had brought him home, and he had missed dancing because of the drama. Alessandro, nothing else. “Lack of respect“Where please?

NS Alessandro Well, another one I would recommend. He bet on the episodes in which he played tronista with his rival, and then left the studio angry at the recording perhaps the most positive, for him, because he just saw the outside Nicole he said to syriani That after two months he didn’t even know who he was? But who would believe that?

Not to mention accusing her of not thanking her for the gift the editorial staff sent her. Nicole – Having determined that if it was a gesture for her, she did not see the need to speak of it in front of everyone – she immediately replied with the following:Actually as soon as I sat down I looked at you and said thank youHe was stunned Mansheya*, which he had tried to use as a reason for his fake anger, overturning the omelette, saying:Eh, but I didn’t see all this enthusiasmPure relaxation, right.

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Men and women: Shea's opinion in episode 22/11/21

but where, Marie? These are two Falcons of the first order, that’s it! They obviously don’t shine with the character, okay. But if it is not easyIntercourse with a man like a man“Actually, not to mention when you play a role so blatantly. What if Alessandro says that”Now I’m here and I’m there to the end“It is not certain why”Feelings you put into play‘, but don’t miss the close-ups Channel 5. what if syrianiShe takes it and brings it back here I think in half an hour“Not because he feels an irrepressible deficiency Nicole, Huh, but most of the red light.

Ah, and let me say one more thing, while I’m at it. What about that “You are the ones who accept them, not the ones who accept you. You put them in a position to kiss. At that moment it moves, but you choose to have it“I had the excitement. But who tells him, Mo, that it should always be this way, and for everyone by the way? That is if one doesn’t have it”Chosen to be kissed“That’s called another way, huh.

Today I saw that it is particularly eccentric (cit), and disobey. “I’m trying to make you live a story that you don’t write‘, he said to justify pippozzo to tronista. We are used to seeing it written by others, ‘These stories, when someone makes them on their own. That’s for’Manage dialogue as well as responsesThere, there is usually only one.

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note. That new protester Gemma Galgani Dedicated to humanitarian aid does not surprise me, that’s all. But in the meantime someone stopped Costabel Albor, who I don’t have time to give the hero I already pulled out of the jar in an instant. It was enough for him to miss the study center because of an episode to give us an awkward monologue that no one felt the need for.

Video from the episode: full betTina: “Maria stopped everything”Tina is looking for a new knightFrancesco introduces himself to meet GemmaCostabeli: “Gemma I wish you…”Maria: “Andrea Nicholl … Cyprien is not there!”Andrea Nicole and Alessandro: The ClarificationAndrea Nicholl: “Cyprien? It makes a fool of me not to be there!”Alessandro: “Is Andrea going to Ciprien? I’ll do my assessments”Maria: “Andrea Nicholl I’m a fan…”

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