What colors should never be used in the bedroom and what are the best colors?

What colors should never be used in the bedroom and what are the best colors?
What colors to use and avoid for the bedroom – modaeimmagine.it

There are certain colors that you should definitely avoid for your bedroom. Let’s find out together.

There is no doubt that the room affects our sleep at night. Obviously, when you are calmer and more satisfied, it is easier to fall asleep quickly.

But also contrary to what many people think room color It can affect the way we sleep.

Indeed, according to experts, there are some colors that relax us, while others make us feel fearful and anxious. between The best colors For sleeping there are blue, yellow, green, silver and white.

These, according to experts, are able to reduce stress while calming the nervous system. But let’s find out more details about the properties of these shades.

The best colors for sleep

Let’s start from yellowwhich is considered among the best colors for your bedroom since imitates sunlight. This color, especially if it is soft, Stress relief It promotes calm. However, brighter shades are not recommended as they stimulate energy and can have the opposite effect. Another color that should be in your bedroom is SilverPerfect if you lean more towards neutral colours. This leads to feelings of calm rather than feeling depressed. attention, Aim for a dull tone rather than transparent, as it may reflect light and keep you awake.

Also noteworthy the White, one of the most popular colors for your home and bedroom, but it should not be underestimated. It’s actually a simple, neutral color that hardly causes distractions or particular sensations, so it’s perfect for a peaceful night’s sleep. also the green It is an ideal color for relaxation. green room It helps us feel calm and serene Because it is a non-stimulating color. In general, any pastel color is your ally when trying to promote sleep.

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What colors to use and avoid for the bedroom – modaeimmagine.it

Colors to avoid

Just as there are recommended colors for your bedroom, there are some colors that you should completely avoid if you don’t want to risk staying up too long. In fact, people of color are more likely to sleep worse Less than 7 hours a night. One shade that should be completely avoided is brown because it can increase feelings of sadness and cause insomnia.

Another color to include in this listing is the Red. In fact, it not only increases the heart rate however It also increases brain activityEspecially when trying to sleep. It is even a color associated with threat perception. Another color that should be avoided is the black. Contrary to what is believed, although it is a darker shade, it does not promote sleep, quite the opposite. They cause feelings of sadness and depression.

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