Men and women, problems for Nicole Mazzucato after the birth of her first child

Men and women, problems for Nicole Mazzucato after the birth of her first child

Nicole Mazzucato from men and women She became Paolo’s mother. Former suitor on dating show Maria De Filippi has been linked to Monza footballer, Armando Anastasio since 2021 and has become solid within a few months. And after the birth, Nicole, who previously chose ex-Tronesta Fabio Colloricchio, thanked all followers for the support they received, without hiding the difficult moments she is going through. Matzucato said on Instagram that he had some issues with Breastfeeding. She doesn’t have the Milky Way yet, Nicole is in a complicated situation: “We had an intense and difficult night,” she said. “We spent the night in Abyad attacking him all the time and he was trying desperately to eat but unfortunately what arrived was not enough to satisfy him.”

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«We are integrating with baby bottle But here we are not giving up, let’s try to the end »he specified. Therefore, Nicole does not want to give up the practice of breastfeeding that guarantees many benefits for the parents and the baby.


She gave birth to Nicole Mazzucato in her hometown, Belluno, in order to have the support of her parents. The name Paolo was chosen in honor of Anastasio’s father. Nicole decided not to give the title of her eldest son.

During her pregnancy, Mazzucato admitted that she was happy with this historic turn in Italy, but since she and Armando have very long names, she preferred to choose only the paternal name.

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